Sackett’s Things To Be Thankful For in HR and Recruiting

It’s Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t be ready HR blog posts. You’ve got a problem. I can probably recommend someone for you to talk to, but now that you’re here, let me tell you about all the things I’m thankful for in HR and Recruiting.

Sackett’s Things He’s Thankful For in HR and Recruiting:

1. Employees who show up to work on time…and actually work.

2. Those little space heaters you can fit under your desk.  I live in a cold climate, so those little space heaters are like warm puppies wrapped in warm puppies.

3. Candidates who aren’t completed idiots when asked where they see themselves in five years, and don’t say something like “well, probably working at another  company”.

4. An ATS that doesn’t suck. Wait, that’s wishful, not thankful.

5.  A hiring manager who actually appreciates the fact you had to go through 100 crappy candidates to get the one marginal candidate you were able to find her.

6. That finance only asked us to take a 7% cut to our HR budget this year.

7. That our CEO still truly believes that our employees are our greatest asset. Which is exactly what I wrote for him on our internal employee blog, that people still believe he writes.

8. That SHRM finally came up with certification that everyone will respect and honor, unlike that crappy HRCI certification they sold to us for the last 25 years.

9. That the recession is over and our friends in Learning and OD actually can have training classes again. Yay! Soft skills leadership development…

10. That Millennials will soon be the largest demographic in our workforce, and the fact I bought stock in trophy making companies.

Stay hungry my friends.


One thought on “Sackett’s Things To Be Thankful For in HR and Recruiting

  1. Wow! how dangerous #7 is to your HR readers! But how true and thanks for your courage. The HR world is in love with “certification.” Most forums are not about how to be a better HR practitioner, but how do I cram, how do I get the question answers, how do I find material, etc to the cert test. I am not saying there are not great HR people with certification (like me), but I have meet more than my share of SPHR dolts who are clueless about good HR practice, management skills, etc. It is a test, it is not even a good test, it tells you nothing about the ability to perform and relate to others. But, in justice, the greatest marketing and money making effort ever by SHRM and HRCI.

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