The Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros: Meet Arie Ball from Sodexo

Let’s face it – Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren’t the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding. Kris Dunn (Kinetix RPO, The HR Capitalist) and Tim Sackett (HRU Technical Resources, think that needs to change.  That’s why they created this series – The Top 20 Branded HR Pros(sponsored by the team at Glassdoor).

KD and Tim searched the globe for HR Pros who used the tools at their disposal (writing, speaking, social and more) to brand themselves in the HR space, but limited the results to actual practitioners in the areas of HR, Recruiting and Talent Management.  No consultants, no vendors. They found out well-branded HR pros who are actual practitioners are hard to find.  

Tim and KD are running the Top 20 they found here on the HR Capitalist and at  No rankings, just inclusion in the list and some notes on why.  There are at least 20 well-branded HR Pros in the world.  These are their stories. 


I’m not really sure where Employment Branding started, who the first company was, etc. What I know is one person pushed Employment Branding over the edge and made it cool!  That person was Arie Ball, the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Sodexo.  That is one major reason Arie was selected to the list of the Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros in the world!

Sodexo isn’t sexy.  There is nothing about their jobs that are sexy. But, Arie and her team found a way to make Sodexo sexy as an employment brand! She showed all these other companies how to do it, when no one knew how to do it! Arie took over TA for Sodexo eleven years ago, and started doing things no one in the industry was doing from a branding perspective.

Here is Arie Ball’s player card:

Glassdoor Top 20 - ARIE BALL



Arie is a great writer and contributes frequently to Sodexo’s career blog and has over 3500 followers on LinkedIn publishing platform.  She, also, might be the most quoted Talent Pro in the world around employment branding!

On the speaking circuit at HR and TA conferences Arie is a star. She’s done just about every one you can imagine, because everyone wanted to know the Sodexo story.

Where Arie might be tops of all the Top 20 on our list is as a Brand Ambassador.  I think more people know the Sodexo name because of Arie than any other single thing the Sodexo marketing folks could have ever done! She was the first to have all of her team add the Sodexo logo to the social profile pics. Which seems small now, but it branded each of them as Sodexo brand ambassadors. Almost everyone followed her lead across all industries!

Arie also was one of the first corporate HR/Talent Pros to show us all how to use Twitter for talent acquisition.  It’s part science, part art, mixing in great content, jobs and just enough personal to make people want to connect and interact. Over 8,000 followers and over 8,000 tweets, Arie is one of the few TA executives who is real and active on Twitter.

Arie and her team have a great LinkedIn presence. While the majority of her team’s hires will never come off of a site like LinkedIn, the company is huge and their ability to leverage the LI platform as a sourcing tool for their professional is very impressive.

I do have to say Arie has yet to personally leverage Instagram for her personal or professional branding. She has over a hundred followers, but zero posts!  Which makes you wonder, who are the hundred folks who wanted to follow her with no pics! I’m sure she’ll kill it with this platform as well, just give her a little time.

Congratulations Arie on your selection to Glassdoor’s Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros.  You have taught us all so much on how to brand ourselves and our organizations. The industry thanks you!


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