@AnythingOverIce Takes Over The Project at #SHRM16

I couldn’t be at SHRM National this year so I sent my roving reporter, HR Pro, and friend, Chris Bailey! Chris will be giving you daily updates from D.C. and filling you in on all things #SHRM16! 

So I’m not sure if its day 1 or 2 of #SHRM16? Can Sunday really be the first day of a conference? You see there was a brunch, there were mimosas and then we gave the barman his choice of cocktails to make us this was before the opening remarks of the illustrious Hank el Presidente of SHRM and he was quickly followed by Alan Mulally former CEO of Boeing and Ford and Mike Rowe from the TV program dirty jobs…. Then the expo opened where they serve beer, then I met up with HR Royalty Jennifer McClure and regal although not royal (as she hasn’t performed in Cayman) Mary Faulkner who subsequently lost her glasses and found them again. You can follow her story on twitter @mfaulkner43 it’s a page turner.

Anyways what I took away from Alan and Mike – Alan was a typical statesperson, CEO like in his delivery and whilst on point he didn’t shatter the earth with his reveals most of which has already been read about. I am not taking away from his accomplishments as they are fantastic and as Mike said, “Gee thanks, SHRM I have to follow that guy!”

Well, I for one am glad he did and wish he would run for president! I didn’t expect much from a guy who does the jobs no one wants or really know about on TV but that was the whole point – the are x million people unemployed in America and a bunch of these jobs who are always hiring! He also pointed out that we are disconnected from Millennials as we don’t challenge them by saying – “this jobs not for you” make them want it. He was articulate knowledgeable and now someone I would have on my love to have round for dinner list. I loved the connection with mainstream jobs, shine a light on the people in your organization that you forget. They do the jobs no one else wants, we all have them. Recognize them because should they leave they are almost irreplaceable!

So in all a good opening for SHRM16 lots of energy and a good buzz about the place – See also a roving video interview with Jen McClure and Mary Faulkner more to follow on Mary & Jens exploits throughout the conference…

As for me, you can follow me on Twitter @anythingoverice or www.anythingoverice.com

Cheers, Tim wish you were here!

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