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This week on T3 I take a look at job branding technology, Ruutly. Ruutly is a technology that is embedded into the top of your normal, boring, text-based job description/posting, turning into something modern that is highly interactive, branded and completely digital.

With such a high focus on candidate experience, it’s a wonder why organizations haven’t focused more efforts in developing a great job presentation to candidates, but the reality is most job postings are pretty much the same as they’ve been over the past twenty years or so. Sure, you now have them in a pretty frame with your logo, but it’s really the same old text-based, cut and paste job description with some prettier wrapping.

Ruutly allows you to do your job postings differently, and still work within your ATS. That’s huge. Many of the job posting/job branding technology to this point has been outside the ATS, which always made it a bit clunky to use. Ruutly turns your job posting into an interactive, branded piece of content, placed directly at the top of your normal job posting, ensuring there’s no change to your apply process.

What I like about Ruutly: 

– Simple, easy to use text editor that allows you to build a ‘ruut’ (the interactive job posting) to be placed “above the fold” of your normal job postings within your ATS. What does “above the fold” mean? It means, this will be placed on the part of the screen that you see first, no having to scroll down. The old text-based job description will now be below the ruut. Research shows candidates spend 50% of their time on job descriptions ‘above the fold’.

– You can easily embed video and secondary content into the Ruutly job posting. This is great for all of that content you have for candidates, like ‘why our city is great to work in’, awards, news items, benefits, etc. You can also use this space to show career path of the position someone is applying for, or related positions they might be interested in applying for.

– An administrative dashboard shows you stats on your job postings that most people never see, like, total views, total clicks, average time spent on a job posting, total applies, etc. This is a great way to do some A/B testing to find out which job postings perform better.

I love this type of technology (I’ve also reviewed ViziRecruiter and GoSizzle, as well, in a post titled “Pimp My Job Description“) because there is such a high level of frustration in organizations on how bad our job descriptions are. HR hates them. TA hates them. Hiring managers hate them. Yet, we change everything we do in talent acquisition, except the job postings! This makes it easy and effective. Check them out, it’s pretty awesome technology for not that much of an investment.

T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday – is a weekly series here at The Project to educate and inform everyone who stops by on a daily/weekly basis on some great recruiting and sourcing technologies that are on the market.  None of the companies who I highlight are paying me for this promotion.  There are so many really cool things going on in the tech space and I wanted to educate myself and share what I find.  If you want to be on T3 – just send me a note – timsackett@comcast.net

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