The Definitive Recipe for Success 

Early this week I was in the car listening to NPR on my way to a meeting. I can’t even remember which show and who was being interviewed but I remember what was said by the person being interviewed. The topic was about success.

The person being interviewed said that you reach success by having four components, which are:

– Talent

– Persistence

– Patience

– Luck

You don’t have to have all four at the same time to be successful, but you’ll probably have all four in some kind of combination if you are successful.

At first, I thought, well, yeah, duh, if you’re talented, if you’re the most talented, you’ll be successful. But that isn’t true. I can give you a hundred examples of the most talented people in any profession who are failures because they didn’t use their talents. They wasted what they had.

I love persistent people. The hustle. The grind. The never give up attitude. The scrapers in life. These are my people. I won’t take no for answer. I’ll keep doing it and doing it and doing it until I break through. So, of course, persistence is a key ingredient to success.

Patience is where I struggle. You see persistence and patience aren’t usually friends. They don’t like hanging out with each other. But, when I look at the most successful people in my life that I hang out, they all have great patience. Having patience doesn’t mean you’re willing to sit around and wait to be successful, but it’s knowing that sometimes the best path to success if putting in your time to get there. Ugh! I wish I knew this when I was 25!

Luck. Oh, boy, here we go. Successful people never want to admit luck is involved. I’m a self-made person. I did it on my own. I’m not lucky! Luck is a bad word to successful people, but it discounts the hard work, the effort and the time you put into becoming successful. But, again, each successful person I know can point to a time, or a person, or a meeting, or some chance circumstance that can only be categorized as luck. You can do every single thing right in your life, and not be successful, without that one lucky break.

I like the model.

It doesn’t let you off the hook. You still have to do it all. You can’t just say, ‘well, I didn’t get it because I wasn’t lucky enough”. That’s false, be patient. I didn’t get it because I wasn’t talented enough. No, keep at it. Luck finds those more rapidly who are talented, persistent, and patient.

I lucky enough to have a pretty good career. It only took me twenty-five years of grinding to find that luck…

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