“We Can’t Find Talent!” Stop it! You sound dumb! #SHRM18

So, I’m going to be speaking at SHRM National next week on Monday at 10:45am. The title of my talk is “What Your CEO Wishes HR & TA Would Start Doing!”

One of the things our CEO wishes we would start doing is finding them some talent! But, we tell them it’s “hard” to find talent. It’s not hard to find talent…

It’s hard to talk talent into coming to work for you when you virtually have no differentiating factors from any other job or company in your market.

I hate it when a CEO says, “We ‘only’ hire the best talent!”

No, you don’t! Stop it! You sound like an idiot!

You hire the talent that applies for your jobs at the time they are open that is willing to accept your average pay, your average benefits, your average hiring managers, your average work environment, and your average career ladder.

Does that sound like something the ‘best’ talent in the world is looking for?

The crazy part is we all actually do have something special in our organizations. What is it? How the hell should I know, it’s your organization, not mine! That’s for you to discover! Or make it up, no one really checks that closely to see if you’re actually telling the truth. Perception is the reality!

If you tell people you’re great, most will actually believe it if you put enough marketing and shine behind it!

See you in Chicago SHRMies!

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