Today on The Weekly Dose: The 2018 HR Technology Conf. #HRTechConf

Today on The Weekly Dose I’m actually out at the Meca of HR Technology at the annual HR Technology Conference in Vegas! So, as you can imagine I’m like a geeky kid in a modern day Radio Shack seeing the latest and greatest on the HR and TA tech market.

Before we get started, can I tell you something that bugs me, and probably only me? Of course, I can because this is my blog and actually that’s all I do here is to you what I want! 😉

I have a problem with the term “HR Tech” because one big aspect of what I love about our space is all the new recruiting technology, which I usually title as “TA Tech”, when in reality all of the tech in our space: HR, recruiting, learning, payroll, benefits, compensation, engagement, rewards, recognition, performance, etc. all are under the “HR Tech” umbrella.

One of the things I’m excited about this year at HR Tech is a new event called the PitchFest! 30 “HR technology” (see paragraph above – it’s tech across the entire HR tech landscape) companies that are new to the space pitching why their product is the most viable for the part of the HR tech landscape they’re trying to support.

The winner gets a ton of free marketing exposure since this is the largest HR Technology conference in the world, plus a big cash prize as well. There are three sessions, ten in each session pitching. I’m a judge of one session and an Emcee of another session. I’ll definitely be letting you know next week, who won, and who impressed me!

Looking for a list of new HR technology to keep your eye and demo? This group of companies would be a fun one to start with based on what type of tech you’re interested in. Here’s a list of the 30 that got chosen to pitch at this event:


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