Today we Celebrate Recruiters! Happy Global TA Day! #Sept4 #RecruitersRock

Global TA Day was started in 2018 by the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP Global) and so today we celebrate the 2nd annual Global TA Day!

The idea is that we (recruiters of all types – corporate, agency, RPO, vendors) all need at least one day a year where our hard work and effort is recognized. Today is our day to celebrate the greatest profession in the world!

I’m proud to call myself a Recruiter. 

Every day when I get out of bed I know there is a possibility that I’ll be changing someone’s life for the better. Today could be the day I help someone find their dream job. That I help someone make that next step in their career they need to reach their goals. That I help someone get a job that helps them buy their first house, or first new car, or help pay for their grandchild to go to college.

Sure, I left the recruiting desk a number of years ago, but once you recruit, you really never stop recruiting. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not somehow working to help others find that next step in their career. At the end of the day, the best professionals in the world of Recruiting do just that, we help people get connected with the jobs they want.

Today we celebrate all those recruiters who helped you find that job that you love or that job that got you a bit closer to the job you are trying to get. Today you need to go out and thank those recruiters in your life for all they do!

Happy Global TA Day!

Want to continue to celebrate and drive the talent acquisition industry forward? Come join me at ATAP! An ATAP membership is a great step to take to move our profession forward and continue to support all of us as professionals!

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