2019 HR Technology Conference Pitchfest Participants Announced!

You guys know I’m a huge believer in doing demos of HR and TA Technology companies to build your knowledge around the technology that runs our professional life. I often get the question, “Tim, what companies should I demo?” Well, I will be looking at all 30 of these companies!

Hundreds of companies applied for this year’s Pitchfest, with 30 selected to compete. In alphabetical order, here are the 2019 Pitchfest participants:

“Last year’s inaugural competition drew outstanding participants and offered a lot of creative, exciting ideas about the future of our industry,” said conference co-chair Steve Boese. “Pitchfest provides a unique exposure opportunity for early-stage companies that are embracing innovation in the HR technology space, giving them a dedicated audience including many of the industry’s top leaders, analysts, and venture capitalists. This year promises to be another inspiring competition packed with great ideas, and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Participants are divided into three groups, each with five minutes to pitch and answer questions about their solution. Each round will consider input from the official judging panel, representing a broad range of backgrounds in HR technology, along with audience voting. The total score earned by each participant will determine which six companies advance to the final round.

One winner will receive a $25,000 prize provided in partnership with the Randstad Innovation Fund and secure exhibit space for the 2020 expo. A $5,000 “Gig Economy” prize from the Randstad Innovation Fund will be awarded to a second participant.

The HR Tech Conference also includes an exposition floor featuring more than 450 exhibitors with products that attendees can experience and demo first-hand, along with a stacked conference program that provides for almost a full week of sessions. Visit www.HRTechConference.com for registration and additional information.  Also, you can use the following link and get $300 off – The Sackett Deal! 

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