Wanted: Blunt Roller ($40-50K salary, plus benefits)

In case you didn’t see the job posting by Snoop Dogg, on his staff (yes, giant mogul rapper/entertainers have staffs) he has a person whose sole job is to role blunts (for the Baby Boomers in the crowd – a blunt is joint, a marijuana cigarette, if you will). What’s the quote? Do a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.

From the article:

“If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you,” said Snoop.

The gentlemen staffer in question is allowed as much marijuana as he would like, travels with Snoop, has all his expenses paid, and gets free swag whenever his boss receives it. In exchange, he keeps a well-organized box full of impeccably rolled blunts and waits for his services to be required.

“Motherf*cker like Lurch from the Addams Family. ‘You rang?’”  said Snoop, who might have had the Addams on his mind since contributing the song “My Family” to the new movie.

Why is Snoop Dogg successful?

Oh, well it must be his talent. There’s a ton of folks in the music game more talented than Snoop. Don’t get me wrong, he’s massively talented, but did you catch the first line from the article? “If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you”.

Now you and I, and many others might not need a blunt. Snoop has made it pretty clear he smokes like every day, multiple times a day, and he’s decided a great blunt is something he needs, so he’s hired a dude who’s great at what he does. Successful people in life surround themselves with people who are successful at what they do, period.

It makes me start to wonder who I need to surround myself with if I want to be more successful? I’m don’t smoke blunts so I don’t need this position, and I don’t question compensation value Snoop put on this role. We all value things differently. Here are some roles I would like to hire for in my personal life:

  1. Handy Person – I suck at most things related to anything handy around the house. Hanging pictures? F’ing hate it! Fixing a dripping faucet? No idea. Chaulk coming away from that thingy, in the thingy? Um, what? I need a person to take care of all of my crap that I don’t know how to take care of. It’s not a full-time gig, but I think it could be a kind of job share program. Clean the outside and inside of my car? That job sucks. I know a bunch of dudes and gals like me who need this service and I could probably fill 8 hours per week, $30-40/hr.
  2. diet Dew on-call – Like Snoop, we all have our addictions. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m addicted to caffeine. If I was wealthy like my guy, Snoop, I would have a person on staff to ensure when I need a fix, that fix would be there!
  3. Masseuse – Nothing is better and more relaxing than a full body massage. I would do it daily if I could.

I don’t need a personal shopper or cook. I actually like doing that stuff. My wife keeps an immaculate house, so if she wants someone to come in, I’m all for it, but I don’t think we would ever find someone to her standards. An in-house dog sitter might be a possibility to make it easier on travel. Scout is so needy!

Who would you hire for yourself if you could? Hit me in the comments – no judgment!

110 thoughts on “Wanted: Blunt Roller ($40-50K salary, plus benefits)

      • What would make you best suitable for doing this job ?? Cause obviously it would be a honour to roll for snoop in general . But can you smoke and roll to his satisfaction?

        • Yes I have picks and of my backwoods I hand roll and I know for sure that I can roll any blunt to Snoops liking. I’m not one who likes to brag I like 2 show with my actions.

  1. I would be the perfect person to do the job I roll up every day $60 every 3 days so I’m your girl and that’s my personal not to mention my friends and family or who I meet. Weed make the world look better sound better even taste good and I don’t know about any one else but I got to smoke.all I can say is have some.

  2. Hey my name Charles go by Q I’m 20 years old been smoking since I was 8years old been rolling since then I was introduced to the woods and perfected them I’m rollin better then Lil Baby Unc you hire me you won’t regret, I’m social-able but then I stay to myself what not mine ain’t my business I come to do my job and make money

  3. Filipino fan here willing to do anything for you my idol, please help me to get this job with you, i can do all day the massage if you want, just really need a job with a dream come true like this

  4. Hey snoop ,and a hello to the queen as well, I clean I can cook ,I am great with children pets and elders.. gret when it comes to organizing things and low key ocd when it comes to clean …

  5. I been rolling & smoking weed since I was 12 years old. I love it & don’t care or mind rolling. #BackwoodBurner over here & I love it man if chosen to become your weed roller you won’t be disappointed & they’ll always b done “Fine, Divine & Rite on Time!” If needed I can send a video of Mr Rollin a backwood so you can see my work I’m #GodLike wit it.

  6. How do we test to see who is better at rolling here. Ill put down results that speaks for its self I can roll just as good as a joint roller but can roll anything. And to get paid to do it will only make my rolling even better if that’s possible. Lol

  7. I love rolling and smoking weed I am 18 old from Greece
    I am a really good roller I can’t tell you about the time cause I never time me when I am high everyone in my group always prefer my joint backwoods or whatever I roll contact me if you want a good roller I found this out and I am writing this while am high if you don’t understand

  8. Hii, im from nusantara Idn. Idn have a great Cannabis, but in this ma country wals ilegall. So i learn rollin tobaccos like a weed, im not talented but im smoking pure tobaccos, everyday im rollin. Learn every paper from thin and extra thin
    At least I can rollin less 2 minute without machine or anything. Im interested for this job. Asap!
    If u want know about how im rollin tobacos moist. Hmu. Kindly happy now this. Gracias!

    • I love cannabis wherever the roots sativa indica or rudealis. I just wanna show this is nusantara, a realized cannabis ilegal cause gov was blind to see medic from thc or cbd. So i just want free, and god born cannabis not wrong but canna wrong place in idn and im a great Rollin ever. Challenge me.

  9. I love rolling Joint, I smoke it every single day. I’m very good at rolling joints, blunts and whatever you name. You will miss a good roller if you miss me. I’m ready for offers. If you see my roll, you will definitely select me for the position of weed roller. My rolls are very perfect to smoke without any problem with the roll. Try me, you will never regret it.

  10. I can roll a Blunt in 1min 30sec, a joint in 2min 30sec, a backwood in 3min and whatever else you want me to roll give me 5. The chillest, funniest, and humblest guy you’ll ever meet, fk wit me!!

  11. Well..well.. roll up and roll out with me… I can roll anything… I remember taking road trips and driving and rolling my blunts at the same time my ppl looking like dang gurrrrllll you quick with it lol.. You know how I roll and can throw down in the kitchen.. Munchies anyone??

  12. Hey My Name Is Kelsey. Im From Mississippi, & I Love Music (Old School), Rolling & Smoking Weed, You Can See For Yourself On My FB, Its Not Much Just A Little Fun(Don’t Judge Me, We All Human).
    But Anyways, I Love To Travel & I Always Dreamed & Still Do Wish to Smoke With Snoop Dog Himself One Day & Rolling For Him Omg That Will Be The Best Day Of My Life. Literally ✊ ~P.s. I Also Have ALOT More Talent, I Write, Sing, Rap, Draw, Make Beats(Not The Best But I’m Good) & Etc. Thing is I’m Kinda Shy That’s Why I’m Still Stuck But I Hope You Get Back To Me. Thanks & Have A Great Day~ *Kelsey Taylor*

  13. I’ve been rolling for abt 4 years, chiefin everyday. I know I’m perfect for this shit lmk wassup I can roll js, both any type of blunt and always get compliments on my unique style of rolling.

  14. i’m sick of this town and the people i’m surrounded by. i get bullied quite a lot and i’m out of school. i love weed i love rolling i love music. please consider me. thank you in advance

  15. Everyone wanna be weed rollers how many of y’all can clean detail cars clean around the property keep things in order I can do all that and still out roll y’all Memphis born and raised the dawg or the Job.

  16. I can roll oz blunts half oz blunts 1/4 blunts and 1/8 blunts just like cheech and chong. I got people coming to me with their bud to roll up no one rolls like me i also do deep tissue injury massage get you all taken care of

  17. Any paper any weed any style you need it rolled im the guy. Gram upon gram of that dank and you will be sure to have the best bustin blunt you could ask for, why would I wanna do this? I do this for free now lmao and it’s the man snoop, I already seen his flex. Anyway the name is Yosh I’m a south Bronx kid with more than just respect, you won’t be disappointed. I was sold at benefits haha but pay me 35k and a few fits here and there to show out and I’m warranted for a lifetime of loyalty to the team.

  18. What up snoop I’ll be your professional blunt roller all I do is smoke and roll since highschool days back in 04 and anything else I can help with then I’m down payment or not I’m all in.from Fort Pierce Florida area looking to relocate to do so if you need anything

  19. Sounds like a nice opportunity if still hiring I could be a great part of the team I could roll all kind of joints and even creative ones like ones that look like a dinosaur give me a opportunity I won’t disappoint

  20. Im Mastani on soundcloud the only black female wid that name, the others are Asian.
    This article is a year old, but you know i dont want to be overlooked.
    Nobody will ever match my rolls, just stating the Truth.

  21. Im Mastani on soundcloud the only black female wid that name, the others are Asian.
    This article is a year old, but you know i dont want to be overlooked.
    Nobody will ever match my rolls, just stating the Truth.

  22. Hi I live in San Diego California I’m young and have practiced and focused on making my blunts as perfect as can be it only takes me approximately 2:10 to roll a fat perfect blunt I understand there is many recipients but rolling isn’t the only thing I can do I can do email be social and do networking I also grow amazing plants so if you ever want your own plant I am your guy. Thank you for your time.

  23. Hi my name is Scott Murray I am from Philadelphia I would to be your personal weed roller I taught myself how to roll I am very good at it thank you for your time

  24. Well i may not be like the rest these guys but im a younger cat i roll blunts daily because its the only thing ill smoke my weed with, im free more because i am younger and i have a vast knowledge of marijuana and wraps to roll the best for you. Im will to even lower the pay that you put out for everyone else.

  25. All these other niggas clowns I roll Exquisite connoisseur blunts that leave a blissful smooth pungent intake. Filter or no filter all my blunts burn in a smooth manner all my blunts and papers are Proportional in size and my delivery is god like

  26. I would love to be your blunt roller I’ve been rolling blunts for 50 years they look like cigarettes they’re perfect ,I’m old and have been thrown away by my children and I really need something to do .

  27. My name is William Breeden an I have 2 boys 6 an 7 an a beautiful queen as my wife. I have been in commercial an residential construction/ handyman work for 17, but I also a have been rolling blunts an joint since I was 11 an there isn’t a cigar I cant roll a amazing blunt with from backwoods, whiteout, swisher, optimos, etc. I’m very confident in my skills but I would love to work for a private employer as there handyman,maintain man/blunt roller. But I’m fine with being you handy man. An im also amazing with working on vehicles. I’ve been out of work since I got diagnosed with brain cancer/tumor stage 2 an I have finally got it in remission but my doctor want release me yet an were bout to loose everything our apartment. We already lost both cars an only owed $675 on one to pay off an they came an got it also. Anyways im just looking for a job to help provide for my boys an help my wife! She been doing it all alone since I got sick! Atleast hit me back up @snoopdogg

  28. I am 23 years old i live here in Phoenix. I am very professional and I would love the opportunity to become your weed roller and work on your team! I am great at rolling blunts. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much and have a good day!

  29. I am 23 years old i live here in Phoenix. I am very professional and I would love the opportunity to become your weed roller! I am great at rolling blunts. You won’t be disappointed and I would love to have a chance to work with you. Thank you so much and have a good day!

  30. So im trying to tell you that you need to come GET ME !! from the hood where they do it most good and i promise imma roll the perfect backwood …. im sure you need a new one by now fuck with me lollololol

  31. My name is Starlene clark I’m from Dallas tx.
    I am the designated roller in any group I can roll 4 perfect blunts in under 2 minutes.
    I can also cook from scratch my favorite thing to make is edibles

  32. No job at the moment but rolling weed for myself and friends. I’m the best at it. I’m only 24 so uprooting my life is definitely possible at the moment to be your roller. Clean record. Levi Wilson from Oklahoma.

  33. There’s not much professional reference that I can provide. What I can provide is the promise of Every blunt which find its way to your lips will be a pearl. I can roll anything and everything. Every time I roll it is always a pearl and I am always complemented. There is no question I am the best even if no one believes me yet. I am a misunderstood mastermind and a genius blunt roller!!

  34. There’s not much professional reference that I can provide. What I can provide is the promise of Every blunt which find its way to your lips will be a pearl. I can roll anything and everything. Every time I roll it is always a pearl and I am always complemented. There is no question I am the best even if no one believes me yet. I am a misunderstood mastermind and a genius blunt roller!

  35. Im an all around cannabis user. I roll ALL of the blunts in my house, so I am always in practice. I can roll anything you like to smoke with.

  36. I’m a 26 year old stoner mom who rolls awesome blunts. Im from Ohio and would love to get out. I have a few other hobbies such as painting and wire wrapping. Also I give great massages. I would hire me. And I’m just being blunt cause God rolled me that way

  37. Snoop I’ve been rolling for 30 yrs Fam. During the NBA all-star weekend in Lv I was the one getting papers and rolling for you and Bishop Don. Fucks with ya boy I do thanks up right Cuzzo!!

  38. Been rolling Blunt for about 4 years now I wouldn’t mind rolling blunt for you snoop you one of my favorite all time Rappers 50k and some benefits all I ask and I rap to it’ll be cool to roll and blunt with snoop and drop a track Hit my Jack 252 571 3790 ready to work whenever your ready

  39. Hello I started rolling blunts about 3 years ago and can fit a gram to almost two grams of weed in them. They are definitely killers lol. I have made three grown men puke off of one of my blunts. I have recently learned how to roll joints and can fit a gram (maybe a little over) in it (I haven’t weighed it out yet so I’m not exactly sure). You’ll have to stop smoking for a bit because not even half way through you’ll get stoned lol (blunts and joints). I take pride in it, would love to get paid to roll and would love to have access to a shit ton of weed to test out how much I can actually fit in a blunt and joint. If you hire me you will not be disappointed.

  40. I want $60,000/year with benefits. First of all I wouldn’t mind rolling it free for them, so that I give them the taste of the best rolled Joints and Spliffs they ever had. So that I get what I want. Peace ❤️

  41. I’m fast at rolling blunts I roll skinny to fat blunts what ever you like is what u get you feel me not only would I enjoy doing this job for u I would be much appreciated and have the respect and loyalty to not just only u but the people u surround yourself with either it’s family friends don’t matter respect and responsibility and loyalty is key I grant u that I’ll be the best joint blunt roller there is how ever many u need I’ll make sure to get those done neatly and as quick as possible ya dig I’m a big fan snoop hope to get to work with you soon 626-533-6926 holla at me uncle snoopy

  42. Would love this job – help me pay my way through school. More than 10 years rolling experience. I also make other joint art pieces.

  43. I’ve been searching for a blunt rolling job for a while now, it’s what I love to do. As for every the other stuff I am very handy and enjoy doing odd jobs around my house and my friends. I have a great contact for Pepsi products (including diet Mountain Dew). I’ve been getting massages since I was very young as well as the chiropractor and physical therapy and have learned many techniques from them. I also love all dogs and love playing all day with them.

  44. Gonna keep this short…..im 18 and have been rolling joints for 3 years and i kid you not….never rolled a joint that didnt smoke well or look good. I have photos and can send vids of how quick i do it. Hit me up if your interested and im an interesting guy….currently a bartender at a large successful pub so im also a good guy to talk to.

  45. Baby boomers don’t need you to tell us what joints are – we were rolling and smoking them long before we heard of you! 🙂

  46. Yes I will like to know if I can get a job from u to help my wife out with things that needs to be done at home it’s sounds great to me I will be able to make sure that everything is not on my wife all the time

  47. Snoop Doggie Dog, I am your go to guy.. The name is Fuji. You need me to take care of your castle and all your pimpin rides. I know quality and I keep it clean. There is nothing I cant fix or pimp out to suit your style. Plus nobody will know that I’m your most lethal bodygaurd. Low pro is how I roll and I’m there at the push of a button. There is much more that I didnt mention. Hmu with any questions you have. call text or email any time.

  48. I’d roll some blunts for snoop dog hell I’m 62 years old my grandmother taught me how to start rolling when I was 8 years old only she was rolling her own cigarettes so I learned early how to roll cigarettes and believe me it’s just a little different on rolling a blunt you just have to make sure you get the seeds and steams out of your weed before rolling that’s all I used to roll two at once it just take one hand to roll once you have it set up right. Don’t know if I could steel do it but I use to as a matter of fact it was something to do back in the sixties and seventies for fun lol

  49. I have my medical marijuana license, my fiancé did also but did not renew.We’re both how do I say hip senior’s in our early 60’s. Would love to try out for the job. My son actually sold you insurance he was the agent first funding from Illinois. I’m in Florida. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and considering me. And if your ever in south Florida email me I’m a mean cook.

  50. Sir Snoop
    My name is Charles W Cobb
    I’m 58 years old
    Most of my work is in Lumber / Granite
    And the last 10 years I have been a painter
    Handy man. I am also a Computer IT Tech

    I would nothing more than be an excellent employee and a great addition to any and all work you may have.

    If I don’t get a job working for you.
    May I get your autograph sir.

  51. I’d do it in a heartbeat, I live in Lebanon Pennsylvania, and I’m eligible to get my medical marijuana card, but can’t afford it because I’m disabled and living on a very tight budget. I’ve rolled doobies most of my life and even rolled a 12 inch doobie. It’s so sad that Pennsylvania don’t care about the disabled people like myself and have doctors taking us off our pain medications and yet they don’t care about the pain we go through everyday and my wife is a cancer survivor and now we live everyday in pain and Pennsylvania could care less as long as they are ripping off people and and living a wealthy life and have everything they want but couldn’t give a shit about people like myself who live on $100 a month on groceries. All these other states who legalized marijuana knows the money they can make and help people who are disabled and in pain. Leave it to Pennsylvania not caring about people who voted them in and turning their backs on people who need help.

  52. I can do anything that I put my mind to doing. Roll blunts fix a leaky faucet get what you need, slippers something to drink. I’m a jack of all trades but a master of none, just knowledge of throughout my life.

  53. Snoop I can roll my ass off love to smell it stop smoking seven months ago would love to be a blunt roller for the Snoop dog holla back one love

  54. Hello I’m a single mother 2 a Grandma Of 1. I work long hours to make bills and never seems to catch up. This is something I know I’m Great at; No judgement) I Smoke for A medical condition. This would help My Family Out Seriously.
    Thanks A Huge Fan

  55. I am a disabled mother of two. My income is very limited and a great part of my stress. I just want to be able to take care of my kids and grandchildren. I’m 48 years old and have Crohn’s disease. I just need a job that’s not stressful. I’m retired and worked 15 years before medically retiring. No one will give me a job because of my disability. This might just be the job for me. I do know how to roll and smoke for my pain. Please consider me. I have a plethora of skills.

  56. If you’re still hiring you have two of the best rollers I the world me and my brother Two for one we will keep you well organized with how you want to feel hybrids, sativa or indica all labeled and ready to go boo my phone number is 757-296-8430

  57. I’m a single struggling mother of three just really need a lil boost willing to fill any position you have available to support my children please …I reside in broward but will definitely relocate please contact me at 954 200 3489 chrishanda

    • I would love this job I’m fully disable 7 kids. I’m a good handy man blunt roller, finish drywall, paint , detailing cars love to keep things organized, the lil money I receive is not enough along with child support. I would love this chance to have a better life for my children; I do house keeping as well .This would truly be a blessing for me I’ve been a hug fan since Deep Cover plz give me a chance Brother 1 Love 334 648-8469 your Medical Marijuana as well would help my condition I’m deep in south Alabama I will leave to make a better life for my children Thanks!

      • I’m just about in same boat brother I worked for the same commercial/residential construction for 17 yrs. Even have my journeyman plumbing license an everything then back april I found out I have stage 2 brain cancer/tumor an the doctor will not release me to go back to work an I’ve been in remission for 7 weeks an my wife is trying to pay everything plus we have 2 boys 6 an 7. Its hard when a family is use to both parents working. Smh. This would be a blessing if one of actually got it

  58. *A laundry put-awayer!
    *House keeper
    *Insurance broker
    *Someone to make all the calls to cable
    companies, cell phone providers, etc. and can get
    me all the good deals and service!
    *Masseuse (like every day!)
    *Concert/Event Ticket Buyer


  59. An appointment maker. A pest control service waiter. An internet company call maker. A travel reimbursement form completer.

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