HR Famous! The Podcast is now Live! Episode 1

I’ve personally been on nearly 100 different podcasts as a guest! I get asked, and I’m like, yeah! Let’s do this! I mean who doesn’t want to hear me on a podcast!?

For years, I’ve been told by folks, “you should start a podcast!” But, like every great HR Pro, I wanted to wait to make sure this podcast thing was really going to be a thing! So, I checked my iPhone 5s and it says that podcasts are now a thing!

I’m super excited to launch our weekly podcast – HR Famous!

Want to know what “HR Famous” means? Go listen to the podcast! That’s how it works. I don’t write it and tell you, you listen!

HR Famous is a weekly podcast by me and two of my great friends, Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee. The three of us have had a decade long friendship and all that time we would catch up on calls and text chats, and we felt, people would love listening to these conversations! At least, we had fun on these conversations!

Go have a listen and let me know what you think!

HR Famous on iTunes

HR Famous on Spotify

Show Highlights:

1:35 – JLee comes over the top to correct Kris for his pronunciation of Marriott, even though the way he says it is how the rest of the world says it.

3:00 – KD, JLee and Tim discuss each other’s backgrounds, starting to write and speak on all things HR and the impact all of it has had on them.

7:59 – The gang discusses their nicknames and JLee breaks the news that if she would have taken her husband’s last name, future projects inside the team could have been named “Chun and Dunn.”

10:05 – Tim breaks down the inside joke and self-deprecation of the name of the podcast, “HR Famous.”

13:40 – Jessica, Tim and Kris discuss their top HR famous moments, which is enough to be recognized occasionally but quickly followed by something that returns them to reality. Highlights include bosses not realizing they write/speak, being asked to take selfies of other people after they speak, occasionally being recognized on airport walkways before boarding in coach, their likeness being broadcast on a book and friends/colleagues seeking to protect their rights, and being awful with names.

27:50 – KD Shares the origin story of how the gang met when he onboarded Jessica and Tim at Fistful of Talent.


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