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This week on The Weekly Dose I revisit a recruiting technology called Talkpush that I originally took a look 5 years ago! Guess what? Quite a few things changed in five years!

Talkpush, now, is the Recruitment Automation Platform that makes hiring conversations happen faster and more naturally. Talkpush is also a tool for high volume hiring, so if you’re not hiring at least 1,000 hires per year, this is something that probably doesn’t make sense for you to have. If you’re hiring 1,000 and over, then you have to check it out!

Five years ago, Talkpush was basically a voice screening solution and a good one. Since then, Talkpush has moved with technology to include screening over messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, career sites, micro-sites for hiring events, and live chat between recruiters and candidates.

Talkpush figured out early on great candidate experience and your ability to hire at volume meant you needed to automate as much of the up-front recruitment process as necessary. Candidate applies to a job or shows interest on a messaging app, and the AI-driven chat technology takes over and engages each candidate, until a point where it’s far enough down the process that a real-live recruiter needs to jump in.

What do I like about Talkpush’s technology? 

– It gives you the ability to communicate with candidates in the way they want to communicate. We all have our preferences. You might prefer someone contacts via text message, or Facebook Messanger, or a phone call, or email, or WhatsApp. No judgment, we all have our favorites, and if you’re a global organization, it changes drastically depending on what country you’re trying to hire in!

– Truly global hiring technology. Eight+ languages and variations of those languages. The majority of their mass hiring clients are actually out of the U.S. So, if you’re hiring global, they know the ins and outs of what a global workforce is demanding in terms of candidate communication.

– It’s a hybrid technology model and brings in a real-life recruiter at just the right time. So, it’s not about automating the entire journey, but putting in as much automation as possible until it’s time for a real candidate and a real recruiter/screener/hiring manager to connect. Then they make that happen in real-time, seamlessly.

– Post jobs, capture candidate video, make a phone call all from the Talkpush dashboard. In five years, they’ve turned their technology into a full end-to-end recruitment automation that hires at volume. From the first click as a candidate to the first day of hire, your hiring team can live within Talkpush.

– Their funnel analytics and data are way ahead of the competition. And with how they measure and collect data across your hiring process, their insights are substantial. Plus, I think most leaders want a component of visual data and Talkpush’s “arts and charts” are far and away the best I’ve seen in the market.

I’m a huge advocate for text messaging in recruitment. But I’m also naive to global recruiting in so many aspects. The reality is text messaging in many parts of the world, outside the US, is expensive and unreliable, as a form of candidate communication. But technology like Facebook Messanger and WhatsApp are the go-to technology in many other countries when it comes to contacting candidates.

If you are currently, or preparing, to do mass hiring in the US or globally, Talkpush is one of those technologies you really need to demo! It’s one of the most economical mass hiring solutions I’ve seen. Check them out!

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