E23 – The HR Famous Podcast: Are you using TikTok on your work phone!?

In episode 23 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee are back to discuss Jlee’s recent vacation, Tim’s new favorite shorts, different proposed plans for return to work bonuses, and privacy concerns about TikTok and other apps on company-owned devices.

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1:20 – Jlee is back from vacay! Jlee went on a working vacation to the beach and returned with a nice tan.

3:45 – Do you turn on an out of office reply on your email when you go on vacation? The HR Famous crew has rarely if never turned on their out of office reply.

6:00 – Tim comes through with the much-needed fashion advice. He says to check out Fair Harbor shorts! (Also, we’re open to a sponsorship!)

7:00 – First topic of the episode: return to work bonuses. Republican lawmakers are calling to an end to the unemployment benefits coming from the federal stimulus package and replace them with a return to work bonus. Tim says that he’s hearing from many companies that they cannot find workers right now.

9:30 – KD lists off a few of the proposed return to work bonus plans that are being considered. Jlee brings up the fact that many states have waived work search requirements for those receiving unemployment benefits.

12:00 – KD praises the government for moving fast at the beginning of the pandemic to get money to those who really needed it, although there may be problems with the policies.

14:00 – Idaho implemented a version of a return to work hiring bonus but the funds are first come, first serve. Tim worries that some people will return just to get the bonus and then quit and go back on unemployment.

16:20 – Tim discusses a company that he is currently working with and how it is harder to recruit positions for that company in places where Amazon warehouses exist.

18:00 – A big factor for many people to return to work depends on decisions schools make to go virtual or return to in-person instruction. KD brings up some counties in the Atlanta area who have decided to do virtual learning for the upcoming school year. Tim talks about how he would want to recruit other families to do virtual learning together.

21:45 – Next topic of the episode: TikTok and employer’s rights! Last Friday, Amazon emailed employees to delete TikTok from their phones. Later in the day, they issued a statement that the email was a mistake and their employees didn’t need to delete TikTok. Wells Fargo also directed their employees to delete TikTok from company-owned devices.

24:00 – Tim brings up the bitcoin hack on Twitter and privacy/security concerns on there as well. Although TikTok is a Chinese owned company, there is still risk coming from American owned companies like Twitter.

25:50 – KD discusses the differences in security issues on different kinds of devices or software. Tim brings up how many tech companies have allowed their employees to work on whatever operating system they’re most comfortable with and how there may be IT concerns surrounding that.

28:00 – KD asks Jlee if she thinks that people will delete TikTok from their personal mobile devices even though most people have other privacy-sensitive information on their devices. Jlee thinks it’s not going to happen and says the only way employers could have complete control over the employee’s devices would have to be somewhat similar to government agencies that work with national security concerns.

30:00 – Tim discusses concerns over TikTok being a Chinese company and therefore, somewhat state-controlled. He thinks a solution may be getting a US-owned TikTok alternative to replace the platform. Jlee is very sad about the potential outlawing of TikTok.

32:00 – Tim thinks that people should be allowed to have multiple logins on a phone as you can have on a laptop or a computer. KD thinks that companies should just pay for their employees to have their own company device to solve any security concerns.

33:30 – The HR Famous podcast promotes wearing a mask! Mask up!

34:00 – Is your family stocking up on new devices for back to school? Jlee’s family is spending a lot of money on back to school and Tim may need to buy his son a new laptop.

35:00 – KD is working on bringing a manager training series online at Kinetix. Look out for that coming soon!

36:00 – Check out friend of the podcast, Stacy Zapar, for recruiter training.

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