#CoronaDiaries – Tim’s LinkedIn Strategy for Non-creepy Networking!

What percentage of LinkedIn invitations do you accept? Who do you network with and why? Unfortunately, we’ve got a ton of folks out of work and using LinkedIn more and more. I give some advice this week on the Corona Diaries!

What is your favorite LinkedIn Networking strategy? Hit me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “#CoronaDiaries – Tim’s LinkedIn Strategy for Non-creepy Networking!

  1. Glad I made the cut 😉 I think this is good advice, particularly as it applies to networking. If you are strictly looking to grow the audience that is exposed to your message (i.e. posts) then I’d accept just about all but the most irrelevant invites. I once read Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream (PPC platform) and now MobileMonkey, say that he always accepted every LI invite, since that just grew his audience. So I have mostly taken that to heart, but perhaps one should be a little more selective.

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