Are you running out of time to get your nose pierced?

I have three sons, two of whom just graduated from college.  They can do anything right now!  If they wanted, they could fill a backpack and walk the earth. No one is going to stop them, in fact, many will congratulate them for taking this leap while they’re young.

In just a few years, people won’t say that.  They’ll tell them it’s crazy and you’re going to hurt your career, etc.

I’m a few years older than my sons (turns out that’s how it works!).  I have a feeling that I’m getting to an age where I no longer can make a change in my career path.

Before you start commenting with things like, “Tim, age is a state of mind”, or “You can do anything you want”, or “Follow your passion”.  Stop it. I’m a grown-ass man.  I like to think I’m an adult, although my wife and kids question that frequently. I have adult obligations: mortgage, college tuition, kids to raise, health insurance.

I can’t just go off and polish rocks.

We all get to certain points in our life where you can no longer just go do ‘it’. Whatever ‘it’ is for you. I feel like I’m at a point where I can’t change careers, not because I don’t think I could, but because society doesn’t look well upon middle-aged dudes looking to change careers. Something is now wrong with me if I wanted to change careers. BTW, I don’t want to change careers, I actually think what I do is pretty cool. Or hip. Or Hella. Or whatever the kids are saying.

If I decided to go back and become a nurse, right now, at my age, with all of my responsibilities, people would say something is wrong with me. You know what? I would think there was something wrong with me.

My question is more around what is ‘that’ time when if you’re going to do it, you better do it now?

For traveling the world: I think it’s 18-22 yrs old, or after 60.

For completely changing careers: I think you have to do it around 30-35 years old. Later, and you just look like your reaching. (I think most people won’t agree with this, but it comes from my recruiting background and how hiring managers look at older candidates who have made this move)

For having kids: this one has changed a bit, but before 40 seems safe. Otherwise, you’re just tempting science to give you problems. One caveat, if you’re adopting, I’ll push out this age because those kids just need someone who will love them.

For completely your high school or college education: I’m really open on this one. I would say anytime before death! I’m a huge advocate of lifelong learning!

For having grandkids: After 45 years old for sure. If you have grandkids prior to becoming 45, you did something wrong as a parent.

For getting your nose pierced: 17-28 years old. Yeah, I’m looking at you 37-year-old mom with the kid with a mohawk not wearing his seatbelt in the back of your Ford Mustang.

So, hit me in the comments with your age ranges on when you think it’s no longer socially acceptable to change careers or do any of the other things listed. And, yes, I get it, I’m old and you can do any of these things at any time, and why are you judging. Because I can, it’s my blog, go start your own, Karen.

7 thoughts on “Are you running out of time to get your nose pierced?

  1. Unless you are Wooderson( Matthew McConaughey), dating high school-aged girls should probably end after high school (Alright Alright, Alright!). Wait, my spouse is 12 years my junior. Scratch that…

  2. Hey Tim,
    First, I couldn’t Rap or sing at 25, so as I turn 60 next week…No regrets… and agree there is a time for everything (but only if you are capable)….With that said, I’m going back to school for my Doctorate (at an AARP age)…I already teach grad school and adults in business….but sometimes we don’t do things for obvious reasons….I’ll share mine in a post on my own site this weekend…So to answer your question: what is ‘that’ time when if you’re going to do it, you better do it now?…
    My time is now…and that’s all I have to say about that!
    Wishing you a happy and safe 2021!

  3. The age range for getting a tattoo is limitless; 18 – 80+ I say. (bonus: the older one is the more readily one can assess and understand the shrinkage and sagging that will inevitably occur. Which helps with design placement… 😉 )

    • Robin- I had a tattoo of the cartoon character “Popeye” strategically located on my bum 30 odd years ago. Some sagging has occurred on his massive forearms…LOL

  4. Being in the “30-35” year range (barely), I did try to change careers at the beginning of that range. I ultimately did not, but I don’t think it would be a big swing for me to change careers after this range. For instance, I’m in Marketing but have been learning Data Science. To me, not that big of a deal to jump over. The other change I thought about was going into Ministry. The only jump there is a big decrease in salary.

    Also, I drive a Mustang GT…just sayin’.

    • Dude, it is not too late, many many ppl go back to school and change careers. I’m 47 with. BSBA in Management, and I’m going back to get my MS in Data Science and wil have no problem finding work. Esp tech, they don’t care about age they care about the ability to do the job

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