Can You Find Cheaper Talent in the Midwest? #HRFamous

On episode 68 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss their new diets for a post-quarantine summer, Apple’s return to work plans, and the managers finding cheaper domestic talent outside of elite/expensive labor markets.

Show Highlights

2:15 – JLee is currently on a vegan kick and she is very hungry.

5:00 – Tim is also trying a new diet for his upcoming family trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. He’s seeing some changes so far!

8:00 – KD did 100 pull-ups in the course of 90 minutes and it destroyed him. He said it took five days for his body to recover.

12:00 – One of the movies that cemented JLee’s switch to a more plant-based diet is called Game Changers (on Netflix), and it’s about a UFC fighter who went vegan and had life-changing results.

13:20 – Starting in September, Apple employees will have to return to the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. JLee likes that there is some balance but she doesn’t like that there isn’t more flexibility.

18:30 – In juxtaposition to Apple, Facebook has come out and said that they will stay completely virtual for the foreseeable future.

22:00 – A trend we’re seeing in hiring is “offshoring of talent.” Since there are different costs of living in different places, managers are seeing a potential gain from hiring those who live and work in cheaper places.

27:00 – Tim doesn’t think that this is a salary cut across the board but it’s more of a market correction on the places that had extremely high costs.

30:00 – JLee is interested to see if there will be retention or turnover issues post-Labor Day when a lot of companies will start to enact their return-to-work plans.

One thought on “Can You Find Cheaper Talent in the Midwest? #HRFamous

  1. Love all the shout outs to Minneapolis, Duluth and recruiting recruiters. Going rates for 10 year plus producers is ABOVE $100k. IMHO.

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