Extra Credit Matters!

Remember back in school when a tough test knocked you off your feet? The best part was always the extra credit opportunities the teacher offered to help boost that low grade. Deep down, they probably felt bad for you.

Extra credit was a lifesaver!

But here’s the thing: you never got extra credit just for showing up to class.

Why? Because extra credit is for those who go above and beyond. You don’t earn it by just doing what’s expected; you have to do something extra!

At work, you can get stuck in a cycle where employees expect extra credit simply for showing up—and surprisingly, many companies give it to them! Your employees are doing their basic job, and yet they expect to be rewarded for it. This is common in places with weak leadership.

The problem comes from not clearly defining what’s expected and what deserves extra recognition. Once you make this clear, giving extra credit becomes fun and fair.

Don’t get me wrong—I love rewarding employees! While not everyone looks for extra credit, those who do should know exactly what it takes to earn it and what they’ll get for their extra effort.

This is called performance management. Good performance management means clearly setting job expectations and recognizing the extra efforts that deserve rewards. By setting these standards, you create a place where employees are motivated to excel and know that extra effort leads to extra rewards.

So, make extra credit a part of your performance management plan. Clearly explain what going above and beyond looks like, and reward those who do. This way, your employees will know how to shine, leading to a more motivated and high-performing team.

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