Give Me The Guac!

Think about ordering a burrito. Adding guacamole for just an extra dollar makes it so much better. That small addition turns a good meal into a great one.

Sure, I could enjoy the burrito without guacamole. It would still be tasty and satisfying. But with that extra touch, it becomes memorable.

So, give me the guacamole!

This idea works for candidate experience too. While you could spend a lot on fancy perks, sometimes a small, thoughtful addition can make a big difference. Just like the guacamole, a little effort in the right place can greatly improve the overall experience.

The key is to master the basics first. Candidates appreciate simple, effective communication. They care less about a branded pen or a bottle of water if they don’t get timely updates about their interview status.

When you handle the essentials well, small gestures stand out even more. Personal touches like a follow-up call or a thank-you note can leave a lasting impression. These small enhancements show candidates that you value their time and effort.

Candidates don’t need extravagant treatments to feel appreciated. What they really want is a thoughtful, well-executed experience – the guacamole on their burrito. By focusing on the basics and adding small, meaningful touches, you can create a standout candidate experience that doesn’t break the bank. And tastes good!

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