#19 Rap Lyric That Shaped My Leadership Style

For the background of this list – see my original post from 2-10-12.

The #19 Rap Lyric That Shaped My Leadership Style comes from Ice T’s song New Jack Hustler from the New Jack City movie soundtrack – classic early 90’s movie by the way, with a great part played by an up-and-coming comedian Chris Rock as Pookie.  (Editorial comment – isn’t this entire thing an editorial comment? – If you haven’t checked out Ice Loves Coco on E on Sunday nights – you’re missing the best TV ever!  To go from Gagnsta Rapper to Law & Order actor to Ice Loves Coco is a trip beyond imagination!) Ok, here’s the lyric:

“I had nothing and I wanted it; you had everything and you flaunted it…”

I think you can break down most people into two groups: the haves and the have nots.  I tend to live my life like a “have not” – which means I push to become a “have”.   How does this shape my leadership style?  I’m rarely satisfied.  I always think I can do better, or do more.  The “haves” in the world tend to sit back and become soft – they don’t push as hard any more, they don’t work as hard anymore – they have it.   The “have nots” are the exact opposite.

Many that know me would probably say – well, wait a minute – you’re a “have” – great job, great family, etc. – who are you kidding – you’re a “have”!  But that’s the real difference – I don’t consider myself a “have” – and I don’t act like a “have”  – from a leadership standpoint that means I don’t allow my team to act like “haves”.   I’ll blame my mother for this – as Prince said “She’s never satisfied” and neither am I.  This can be a difficult leadership trait to have – most people don’t like working for someone who isn’t satisfied easy.  Knowing this I work extra hard to surround myself with high potential folks who score off the chart on Results Orientation.  I want people on my team – who want it more than I want it!  We go to work – every day – we bring it.

I love coming to work for that simple fact – these folks – my team – bring it!  They work like they have nothing – and they want it!

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