Have Some Fun With Your Employment Brand

Have you seen the newest commercial from Kmart?

For a national brand – this is very funny!

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in Kmart’s HR shop right now?!  If your marketing department is willing to get this far out of the box, as an HR shop you have some wiggle room to do some cool stuff as well!

Let’s think about what employment brand taglines Kmart could start using:

– “Kmart – It Doesn’t Suck To Work Here!”  (A takeoff from the line from the movie Rain Man)

– “Kmart – Cool Gas Jobs!”

– “Kmart – Jobs So Good You’ll Ship Your Pants!” (Kmart’s other commercial – “Ship My Pants“)

If I running Kmart’s HR Shop I’m calling our marketing department tomorrow and telling them I want new employment branding right now – that mirrors our current marketing strategy.  People love to work for companies willing to make fun of themselves.  It shows a uniqueness to your culture that most organizations don’t have, or aren’t willing to show.   Kmart has been down for so long it can’t hurt – which is another key to doing something daring with your brand – if you’re so far down it won’t matter – give it a try!

BTW – if you see Kmart start using one of three ideas above, please let me know – I’m up for a Big Gas Commission!



4 thoughts on “Have Some Fun With Your Employment Brand

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  2. I had not seen these commercials… Classic. Very few companies are willing to take that kind of risk in advertising, It would be fun to play with the employment branding for them, or any other organization willing to take that type of marketing risk.

  3. I’ve seen these commercials & love them…my whole family does. If definately catches your attention & get a good laugh.

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