Opportunity, Looks A Lot Like Work

In a world where everyone is completely insane over our celebrity culture – I can buy into this message from Chris Kutcher at the Teen Choice Awards:

Great message for the pre-teens who were probably watching this live – but also for the millions who now watching on YouTube.  As a father, I find it hard every day to find great message and role models for my sons.  I’m not saying I want my kids to look up to Ashton Kutcher, but hearing him say that it’s cool to be smart, that its cool to work, well, I can buy into that.

Last week I wrote a post on the only 3 career paths that are available for new graduates are: College, Military or Prison.  I forgot two:

1. The Lotto (Which is really the last great American Dream! And yes, I do consider ‘Lotto’ a career path! Just look at how many people play it hoping to make it their career!)

2. Work

What I mean by ‘Work’ is actually working one of those ‘crappy’ jobs that politicians and the media keep putting down as not ‘real’ jobs.  Those ‘crappy’ jobs (sales, service, etc.) are actually real jobs — if you make them real jobs.  Yeah, you won’t make much, but like Kanye said “He got ambition baby look in his eyes. This week he mopping floors, next week it’s the fries.”  Those crappy jobs, worked by someone with passion and dedication, can turn into something really good.  Maybe not in 1 year or even two years, but eventually they do.   I’ve worked and had a W2 job since the day I turned 16.  I’m not the smartest, I’m not the sexiest, but I go to work — everyday.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity, Looks A Lot Like Work

  1. Who is Chris Kutcher? Is he someone you grew up with in the 40s? ;o)

    Great message. I have three kids and I struggle with how much media/celebrity/fad/etc. to expose them to. I’m all for Dinosaur Train for my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter, extremely skeptical of Monster High for my 8 year old daughter. Absolutely refuse to allow Bratz anywhere near my house. If I could count on this type of message I would give them ice cream and sit them in front of all awards shows, but the reality is most of the time you get “wardrobe malfunctions.” Thanks for sharing!

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