6480 Lunches

Each day I get up.  Take a shower.  Go downstairs and say ‘good morning’ to my youngest son (he’s up first in the house – he’s like his Dad). Let the dog out.  Then I make lunches for 3 boys.   180 days per year.  My wife would make the lunches if I really wanted her to, but like most couples we have our ‘jobs’.  I make lunches, she puts together water bottles, snacks, makes sure they actually have what they need for everything else.  I run the lunch assembly line.

2 lunch boxes with those blue ice things to keeps things cold, 1 brown paper lunch bag (Keat’s too cool to carry a lunch box)

3 Turkey Sandwiches with cheese, 2 kinds of bread, 2 kinds of cheese.  One on pita or ciabatta (Cameron prefers none normal bread), one on whole wheat, one half on whole wheat.

3 Granola and/or protein bars

3 bags of baked chips (this is as healthy as we get in the Sackett household!)

3 of something sweet (we don’t live in Russia!)

1 Fruit Roll-up (Coop loves these)

1 Large bag of fruit snacks (Keat loves these)

1 bag of Chex mix or other cracker (Keat again)

1 package of peanut butter crackers (Keat again)

2 waters, 1 V8 Fusion

I’ve attempted a few times to figure out our per lunch cost, because it seems like we probably pay more for our kids taking their lunches, then if they just bought school lunch.  My wife and kids tell me I’m crazy, but it seems like an insane amount of food each day for three lunches!

5 times per week, 180 days per year, 12 years, 3 kids.  6480 lunches.

I know my kids have no real conception of what this means.  I know so many families that have their own kids, make their own lunches.  I really don’t mind.  I know that one day, very soon, I won’t be making lunches.  I work a lot, my wife is home mostly, she gets the after school conversations, etc. Most things my sons go to my wife because she is the one that’s there and takes care of most things.

I take care of lunches.  I go to work.  By the time I get home usually one or two or three have already eaten dinner.  It’s not a huge contribution, and I’m sure I could force them to make their own lunch, but it’s one small way I get to show them I’m involved.

6480 lunches seems like a lot, until there all done, then it seems like not so much.

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  1. You’re an awesome Dad! Wish I could have you make my lunch they eat better than I do! I think I need to step it up in my lunch making process!

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