The 8 Man Rotation 2013 Edition

I’ve got some buddies in the HR industry: Matt Stollak, Lance Haun, Steve Boese and Kris Dunn.  Five guys who like HR, love sports and we all write about it many times throughout the year.  Back in 2010 we decided, with the majority of heavy lifting done the Professor, to put all these posts together as an annual ebook.  Today we release the 2013 edition of The 8 Man Rotation.

The title “8 Man Rotation” comes from a basketball concept where 8 players are rotated in a normal playing group.  We only have 5 of us writing for this, but 5 Man Rotation isn’t really a thing.  Let’s face it, it’s our book, we’ll call it what we like.   If you like HR, Talent and such, and have a passing interest in how this might all relate to the popular sports stories throughout the year, this is for you!

You can check it out on The 8 Man Rotation site.

Also, check out the forward by Robin Schooling!

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