Are Your Managers Really Doing their One-on-Ones?

I’m at the HR Tech Conference this week, so plan on some short and quick posts about cool stuff I’m seeing.  Today, I got to demo Halogen’s new, and Top Award winner for 2014, 1:1 Exchange.  It’s a module within their performance management suite that makes manager and employee one-on-one meetings a breeze!

Here’s the deal.  Your managers aren’t doing their one-on-one meetings.  You know it, they know it.  You have worked endlessly to get your organization to understand how important these communications are to better performance, higher retention and higher employee satisfaction, but still, they aren’t consistent enough in your environment.

Don’t get depressed. Everyone is having the same issue.  That’s what I love about Halogen’s 1:1 Exchange. It’s practical and it works. At HR Tech, that is actually kind of rare!  You get a lot of cool stuff, that really doesn’t have practical application in real world day-to-day HR and management.

1:1 Exchange actually builds your managers full one-on-one agendas, tracks everything, gives them great kickoff questions to drive conversation, ties back to your department and organizational goals, and schedules followups. It pretty much idiot proofed one-on-ones for your managers! That’s a good thing! Many of them need this, desperately!

Something so simple, but so powerful.  We talk to we’re blue in the face about the importance of one-on-ones, and this system makes sure you as a leader, HR and executive have the ability to not only check to ensure they are happening, but you can spot check the quality of message that is being delivered.  While some managers might see this as micromanaging, I look at it as a great way to know which of your managers need additional help in getting better at these meetings.  This isn’t about punishment, this is about helping our managers get better at leading people!

Halogen already has one the best performance management systems on the market, and by adding 1:1 Exchange, they might have just lapped the field.  Check them out!



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