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Around the holidays I go out and get greeting cards to send out to various friends and family.  We also receive a ton of holiday cards at home and work. I’m always amazed at how specific the greeting card companies have gotten.  Just this past week my own Mom send a card to my wife and I and it was to “My Loving Son and Daughter-In-Law”.  It made me laugh out loud at how specific the title was, and immediately I began to think of even more specific greeting cards I wish I had in my life as an HR Pro:

“Dear High Performing Employee with Overcompensation Issues”

– “To The Leader Who Wants Everyone to Love them”

– “TEAM – We All Rock, but Some rock more”

– “dear introverted person in accounting, I see you”

– “Hey! Top Performing Sales Pro, we get it, you’re making a ton of cash”

– “Low Performer! Please perform better, I hate conflict”

– “Dear Recent Divorcee, Your eHarmony hookup stories are disturbing”

– “Employee who is also a Parent, Yay! you decided to do this”

– “Dear Gay Employee, we know, you’re Gay!”

– “Dear Bro Employees, Hey Bro” 

– “Dear Hiring Manager, Congratulations! There are no more candidates!” 

– “Dear Sports Guy, yeah, we know, there was a game last night” 

– “Dear Sr. Executive, Your infidelity is showing” 

– “Dear Employee Who Never Seems To Get Recognition, here it is.” 

There seems to be an endless need for specificity in the greeting card business.  No longer can you just give out a “Thanks” or a “Congrats”.   I can only imagine what’s being cooked up right now in the creative spaces at Hallmark and such.  “To My Stepson and his Second-cousin Wife on your son’s Bar Mitzvah, Congrats!”

What greeting cards would you love to see?

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