T3 – Google Hire ATS Could Dominate the SMB ATS Marketplace

With all of the hype and craziness surrounding Google for Jobs, most people haven’t even been paying attention to what ultimately might be the bigger Google product to impact the talent acquisition technology market longterm, Google Hire.

Google Hire is Google’s entry into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) marketplace that is built around an integration with their entire Google Suite of office products (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.). The integration is so tight that you can’t even demo Google Hire if you’re not already a Google office suite customer! Basically, it won’t work unless you use the Google suite.

Rob Kelly, at Ongig, did an exceptional write up of his demo of Google Hire, last week, click on the link to read his take.

One critical factor about Google Hire is that it is designed for the SMB market, for the most part under 500 employees. They might be able to move mid-market, but as of right now, their main focus will be employers who have less than 1,000 employees, who are using the Google suite of products.

Ongig also looked at some pricing around Google Hire:

  • $2,400 per year  for 50 employees
  • $4,800 per year for 100 employees
  • $12,000 per year  for 250 employees
  • $24,000 per year for 500 employees*
  • $48,000 per year for 1,000 employees*

While it’s not ‘free’, Google Hire isn’t expensive for what you get, especially in the SMB ATS market.

One main attraction for using Google Hire as your ATS (and it’s a HUGE attraction) is having direction integration with Google for Jobs, and the potential ability to more than likely have your jobs show up higher in Google’s search results.

In the past, you got great free traffic from Indeed, in the future that free traffic will most likely be coming from Google for Jobs. The assumption is if you’re using Google Hire, you’ll be getting more free traffic than those not using Google Hire.

Another pretty big advantage Google Hire has over most SMB ATSs on the market is its search capability using Artificial Intelligence/Natural Language technology that its Google Cloud Jobs Discovery career site search technology uses. ATSs, especially within the SMB market, are notoriously bad at search, Google Hire will not be.

There are really so many awesome features Google built into their ATS, click over to Rob’s article to read more details.

So, how big can Google Hire really get? 

We know there are millions of corporate G-suite users and most of these users fall in that under 1,000 employee position. This means Google Hire has a giant potential to grow, and grow very quickly, especially if Google decided to just give Hire away for free! Even as a paid technology, Google Hire looks to be a must-demo ATS for those looking to make a move to a new ATS.

The SMB ATS market is tricky. Most SMBs don’t have a ton of money to spend on TA tech, so even though Google Hire is relatively inexpensive for what you get, most still don’t have thousands of dollars budgeted to make this switch. For those SMBs that are fairly tech savvy, I suspect those will be the first to make the jump because of the G-suite integration.

Google Hire has the ability to be the dominant leader in the SMB ATS market, but only for those organizations using the G-suite at this moment. Lack of Microsoft Office/Outlook integration will keep it down market, as most larger organizations are too far down the path of using Microsoft, and ultimately that’s where most ATSs are making their money.

If you’re an SMB shop, and you use the G-Suite products, and you are looking for a new ATS, you would be crazy not to have Google Hire on your demo list. But, Google Hire isn’t the best ATS on the market, even at the SMB level, as Lever, Greenhouse, and SmartRecuriters all offer a better product as of right now.

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