The Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @ClickBoardingHR Blow New Hires Away with Great Onboarding

The week on The Weekly Dose I review the employee onboarding technology Click Boarding. Click Boarding is a best of breed employee onboarding solution that you can use with any ATS or HRIS system. What you’ll find is most ATSs and HRISs have something in their system that is considered ‘onboarding’, but what we know is that it’s usually a very weak version of what we actually need and want for onboarding our new employees.

Click Boarding is a technology designed for organizations that believe Candidate Experience and Employee Experience are paramount to their organizational success. You spent a ton of resources recruiting great talent to your organization, the last thing you want to happen is a poor onboarding experience to take place and that talent bails on you before they even got started!

For my money, great onboarding in the bridge from a great candidate experience to show your new employee they are about to have a great employee experience. Click Boarding is the bridge we all wish we had between those two extremely important experiences!

What I like about Click Boarding: 

– Click Boarding does everything you expect from great onboarding. As HR Pros we tend to get caught up in all of the compliance things we need to get done with new hires, and rightfully so, but true onboarding also has to be less about what we need in HR and more about creating a great experience for the new employee. This is where Click Boarding shines.

– New hires are welcomed, prior to starting, with your branded information, video welcome, access to team directory, etc. Everything they need to be ready for their first day. All of which is configurable to how you want to make it.

– TA and HR Pros, depending who covers onboarding for your organization, have easy to follow checklists to keep you on task to ensuring you easily get everything accomplished you need in onboarding, accessible via desktop and mobile.

– Click Boarding gives you a tool to personalize the onboarding experience like no other suite HRIS system currently has. From forms to pre-hire instructions, to video messages from your boss and teammates, Click Boarding allows you to make an experience to forget, to one you will remember.

I was asking the same question you are asking yourself right now. Why do we need a standalone onboarding technology, our HRIS system has onboarding? Your HRIS system has built-in new hire compliance. That is not onboarding.  This is what every single person in the world hates about HR, including those of us working in HR.

Click Boarding is easy to use, delivers a great onboarding experience for your new hires, and if that is important to you, they are a technology you should demo. I find most organizations spend a ton of time talking about making onboarding better, but spend almost zero when it comes to resources on technology to actually make onboarding better. If this is you, it’s worth an hour to see how technology can drive great onboarding.

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