Two Industries Leaders Launch Diversity & Inclusion Technology, @TalVistaHR!

It was announced today that industry veterans, Elaine Orler and Scot Sessions have partnered up to launch the D&I technology platform TalVista. TalVista provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias in the hiring process. Now businesses can be more inclusive from the job description through to the interview.

Based on research, the words we use will either reveal our inclusive or exclusionary tendencies. Companies who combine our job description optimization and redacted resume reviewing with scripted and structured interviews now have a SaaS platform to mitigate unconscious bias. This will result in greater inclusivity with a more diverse and skilled workforce.

For those who were familiar with Talent Sonar, Elaine’s team acquired Talent Sonar and they are relaunching it as TalVista.

So, why should you be paying attention to TalVista?

– TalVista does three things: 1. Helps you build Job Descriptions that are more neutral in nature. What we know now are the vast majority of JD’s are written very heavily to favor males; 2. Help control Unconscious Bias by giving you control to redact resumes as you see fit; 3. Build ‘Scripted Interviews’ that allow you to assign questions to hiring managers who score the answers.

– Full integrations already built with Workday and Taleo, of which, if you’re using one of these systems you desperately need this help! Also, like most Saas products, TalVista can be fairly easily integrated into most ATSs.

– A leadership team that fully understands the end user of their product, and will build a roadmap that will continue to push the boundaries of helping organizations with their D&I strategies.

Let’s be honest. In the vast majority of organizations, Diversity and Inclusion has very little in terms of investment. We love to talk about it and act like it’s super important, but when you actually look at the investment made to make real change, most organizations can’t point to anything besides the possibility of hiring a D&I officer.

TalVista now gives TA and D&I leaders a real tool to add to their tech stack that will give them measurable results that align with their D&I strategy.

One of the goals of the TalVista team is to help organizations hire ‘nonhomogeneous’ teams. Take a look at your own team right now. Does it mostly look like you? Chances are it does. If you’re working in an organization and/or field where innovation and great decision making is critical to your success, research has shown that a homogeneous team is actually hurting your chances of success.

We all have unconscious bias. HR, TA, and D&I leaders are fighting every day to limit this bias but mostly fighting without any weapons. This is one reason I believe that TalVista’s technology will be successful. It’s the right time and the right tech to help solve the problem. I demoed TalVista this past week and it’s easy to use, with a very clean user interface and experience. Everyone on your team could use this product with limited training.

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