Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Smashfly introduces Emerson!

Today on The Weekly Dose I take a look at Smashfly’s newest addition “Emerson”. Who and what is Emerson? Emerson is an A.I. enabled recruiting assistant that is built right into the core Smashfly CRM product. Basically, Emerson guides and assists candidates across critical touchpoints in the recruiting process – from their initial visit to a company’s career site for scheduling (or re-scheduling) an interview.

Using Natural Language Processing, Emerson prompts candidates to engage and ask questions. The tech was built by Paradox (Olivia) and it’s some of the best on the market. Besides engagement, Emerson will screen candidates immediately on various critical points and fast-track those candidates who are a fit through the application process and even set up an interview if you desire.

Addressing one of the most painful and convoluted parts of the recruiting workflow, Emerson automates all aspects of interview scheduling by synching calendars and sending meeting invites, reminders and follow-ups to create an easy, stress-free experience for candidates and giving recruiters and hiring managers hours back in their weeks.

There are a ton of A.I. enabled assistants on the market, but having it built right into your recruiting CRM is a definite plus. Initial testing with Emerson has shown to extremely effective with candidates, with 90% of candidates completely a conversation by telling Emerson “Thank you!” Which speaks to how natural the experience truly is. If candidates thought it was a computer, you can best believe they wouldn’t be responding with a “thank you”!

Another piece that Smashfly has added to its arsenal is a full integration with HiringSolved, a best of breed candidate discovery sourcing engine. Combine Smashfly, with Emerson, with HiringSolved and we begin to see what a modern Recruitment Marketing Platform should look like.

One issue we’ve seen with sourcing tools, like HiringSolved, while powerful in generating profiles, it was a ton of work to connect and see who might actually be interested in your current and/or future openings. With Emerson, you can now automate most of this function, and combine all of that with the traditional power of a CRM to nurture candidates, and you can easily begin building talent pipelines for current roles and future needs.

It’s an exciting time at Smashfly. For years they were one of the top recruitment CRMs on the market but took a couple of years off without much evolution to their core product. What I see now is a very robust end-to-end recruitment marketing platform that is being built around best of breed technology.  Very cool stuff! Go get a demo, I think you’ll be very impressed with how all of this tech works together to really make a TA team’s job much easier!

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