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Today on the Weekly Dose I take a look at the engagement technology, VIP Crowd. VIP Crowd is a technology that organizations can use to get their employees, and their customers, to engage in a number of things.

Want to get more feedback from employees on what the like or dislike about your benefits package? Want to see what hiring manager is most admired in your organization? Want your employees to share a really important, hard to fill job with their network? VIP Crowd’s platform allows you to do this with ease.

VIP Crowd solves that aged old issue we all have in HR and TA when we can’t get our own employees and hiring managers to give us feedback or engage in our programs by making them a VIP! “Why doesn’t anyone respond to the email I send!?”

VIPs are people in your network who you’d like to keep updated and whose feedback, input and ideas can help your business. These might be co-workers, top customers, or peers. VIP Crowd is invite-only, and you decide who gets invited.

It works by you basically posting a challenge to your VIP network, and you can add ‘points’ for completely that have real money value that can be turned in for prizes, given to charity, etc. So, the gamification aspect really raises the engagement to finish these challenges.

Challenges can be something like “share this blog post”, or “give us feedback on Glassdoor”, or refer a friend, etc. The challenges are only limited to your imagination, and they don’t always have to be for points. Send a challenge out to your workgroup to see who can come up with the best place to go eat lunch!

What I like about VIP Crowd:

  • You can easily segment out departments, locations, workgroups, etc. So, you can truly personalize the challenges for more targeted groups.
  • You can post a challenge anonymously and interact with those people who respond, the entire time maintaining the anonymity of those responding!
  • The VIP platform runs the loneliest number game each week to keep your VIPs engaged, even if you don’t challenge anyone this week, for free.
  • Runs on both mobile and desktop, with about 65% of those engaging in the platform using the mobile version.

VIP Crowd is definitely worth a demo. Super simple to use and a great way to increase and measure engagement. While I see a number of uses on how HR and TA would use this, the reality is this is technology that will be used across your organization, so you might want to bring some cross-functional peers along to the demo!

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