This is HR! A new Podcast from @Kris_Dunn, @Jessica_Lee and I! Check it out!

Hey gang!

Wanted to share a new podcast that I launched with my two of my close friends Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee, called “This is HR!”

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In the pilot of THIS IS HR, Jessica Lee (VP of Brand Talent, Marriott) is joined by Kris Dunn (CHRO at Kinetix) and I for a discussion of industry news that only true HR pros could love.


The gang covers:

–research from the Lean In organization indicating 60% of male managers are afraid to have a 1-1 with female direct reports (5:45)

–recent layoffs at Ford Motor Company including a kinder, gentler approach allowing downsized employees to hang out for a few days after getting the news (14:06)

–D&I training rolled out by Sephora after recording artist SZA reported being profiled (22:15)


KD closes it out by reaching in the mailbag and pulling out a gem from an HR pro who is trying to tackle inclusion within an office full of straight people (30:18)


BONUS: Disclosures that one of the gang’s HR job includes Yachts (as opposed to Yacht Rock), kids with MTV internship stories and references to a guy named “Puck” from one of the first Real World seasons from MTV.  Shout out, Gen X… we haven’t forgotten you.


What could go wrong?  Take a listen!

4 thoughts on “This is HR! A new Podcast from @Kris_Dunn, @Jessica_Lee and I! Check it out!

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast. Gonna now approach Netflix with new programming:”Walking a straight line”. Comedy?

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