This is HR! A new Podcast from @Kris_Dunn, @Jessica_Lee and I! Check it out!

Hey gang!

Wanted to share a new podcast that I launched with my two of my close friends Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee, called “This is HR!”

In the pilot of THIS IS HR, Jessica Lee (VP of Brand Talent, Marriott) is joined by Kris Dunn (CHRO at Kinetix) and I for a discussion of industry news that only true HR pros could love.


The gang covers:

–research from the Lean In organization indicating 60% of male managers are afraid to have a 1-1 with female direct reports (5:45)

–recent layoffs at Ford Motor Company including a kinder, gentler approach allowing downsized employees to hang out for a few days after getting the news (14:06)

–D&I training rolled out by Sephora after recording artist SZA reported being profiled (22:15)


KD closes it out by reaching in the mailbag and pulling out a gem from an HR pro who is trying to tackle inclusion within an office full of straight people (30:18)


BONUS: Disclosures that one of the gang’s HR job includes Yachts (as opposed to Yacht Rock), kids with MTV internship stories and references to a guy named “Puck” from one of the first Real World seasons from MTV.  Shout out, Gen X… we haven’t forgotten you.


What could go wrong?  Take a listen!

4 thoughts on “This is HR! A new Podcast from @Kris_Dunn, @Jessica_Lee and I! Check it out!

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast. Gonna now approach Netflix with new programming:”Walking a straight line”. Comedy?

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