#CoronaDiaries – Talent Acquisition Great Recession Mistakes We’re About to Make Again!

Hey gang! I’m out in St. George, UT for a couple of weeks and still bringing you another edition of the popular video series Corona Diaries!

During the Great Recession, we had many business struggles that most of us are going through right now during the pandemic. We did what we thought was right and in hindsight, we learned so much about some things we didn’t do very well.

If you are from St. George or visited, let me know some inside tips! Where’re the best places to eat? What do I need to see for sure? Hit me in the comments!

7 thoughts on “#CoronaDiaries – Talent Acquisition Great Recession Mistakes We’re About to Make Again!

  1. Great video Tim. I haven’t been to St. George, looks gorgeous in the reflection. Looking forward to your next video. Agreed re: building the case using metrics to justify expenditures like a new tech stack. Thanks, Ali

    • Thanks Tim. Visited St. George last March, it was beautiful. We took day trips.

      Agree that now is the time to upgrade or update technology. Also, it is a time to hone skills and stay connected to strong candidates.

  2. Think most do takeout and may be opening this week (not sure state by state). But here’s a few places from one of our founders who lives there (local places): Stone Fort (Indian), Benja Thai (Thai), Cliffside (View of City), and for Fast Food: Anjelica’s (Mexican), Kneaders (Sandwiches), Bear Paw Cafe (Breakfast), George’s – American. Enjoy! Beautiful place!

  3. Hey Tim,
    I’m liking the scruff. I had some really great pie in St George. One of the diners in town. I love me some fresh fruit pie.

  4. I love St. George! Jalapeno’s Authentic Mexican Food (the original location) is awesome for (you guessed it) authentic Mexican food! Burritos and tacos are highly recommended.

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