That’s my mission, and I’m sticking to it!

Most companies have fancy vision and mission statements. But let’s be real, living up to those missions often feels like a stretch. Don’t get me wrong—I’ve always been loyal to my employers and employees. I’d get the company logo tattooed on my ass if they asked.

But most of their mission statements are just plain boring. They all seem to say the same things: Quality, Integrity, Service, Innovation, blah, blah, blah.

Does anyone really think, “What the world needs is a company that makes lousy products, lies to customers, and treats employees like dirt”?

We work with a partner of the U.S. Army that blows me away with their “mission”. Every person there, from the janitor to the accountant, understands what their work means. Even if their job is literally sweeping the floors! They know that every product they make could save the life of a soldier they’ll never meet. These soldiers aren’t just names on a list; they’re someone’s family. Every day, these employees show up to work with one goal: to make sure their products protect those who defend our freedom.

Now, that’s a real mission!

When I was in HR at Applebee’s our “mission” was simple: make sure customers got their food hot and didn’t run out of drinks. It’s important for business, sure, but it’s not exactly changing the world, you know?

Take a look at your office’s mission statement. Does it really mean something to you? Because if it doesn’t, you might start feeling pretty blah about your job.

Having a sense of purpose matters.

It doesn’t have to be about saving lives, like it is for some people. I run a staffing company, and my mission is clear: I help people find jobs. And let me tell you, especially in tough times, that feels really important.

It’s great knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life by helping them find work. And even when times are good, I’m still on a mission—helping people find even better jobs or helping companies find top-notch employees. That’s my mission, and I’m sticking to it!

One thought on “That’s my mission, and I’m sticking to it!

  1. Great post! Company mission / vision statements have been so boring and repetitive for so many years! Quit playing buzzword bingo and just tell people what you do and why it’s important.
    I call myself a “corporate matchmaker” and while it may sound a little gimmicky, at the most basic level, it’s what I do; align the right talent with organizational needs & culture. When you’re helping someone leave a highly toxic environment or dead-end job into a new amazing position with a company that has a culture where they can succeed, it can make a huge impact and is a rewarding experience overall.

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