The Facebook for Recruiters

A couple of weeks ago I got to give a live video presentation on HR to a group of Executive MBA students in Zurich, Switzerland.  The presentation was on HR and Leadership, etc. – boring crap mostly – but they seemed engaged, or just trying hard with their limited English skills to keep up with my 63 slides of gold!   Anyway – afterwards the instructor opened it up to Q&A and every single question they asked had nothing to do with my presentation, but had everything to do with recruiting.  Strange, but I played along – I know a bit about recruiting and I faked the rest.

They wanted to know everything – what tools I use, what software I use, how I use it, etc.  I didn’t know how much would actually translate in terms of how they recruit in Switzerland, to what we do here in the states.  At one point I started talking about using LinkedIn – how there are actually more users outside of the U.S., etc. One of the students raised her hand and said:

“LinkedIn?  Is that the Facebook for Recruiters?”

I actually laughed out loud – not at her question – but at the fact of what she was saying.  She was dead on!  I had never thought it that way, but that’s exactly what LinkedIn has become – The Facebook for Recruiters.

I’m not here to bang on LinkedIn – a ton of people are making a ton of money using LinkedIn – LinkedIn themselves is making a ton of money – I really don’t see any losers.  You don’t have to be on it, if you don’t want, most who are stop by infrequently – but, it’s a great place to look for a job – you will definitely “network” with some recruiters.  Welcome to Job Board 2.0!



2 thoughts on “The Facebook for Recruiters

  1. LinkedIn has simply become an echo chamber. Until someone figures out a way to move it from recruiters posting jobs in an effort to demonstrate how busy they are…the “posting” of opportunities is pointless. Now….candidate mining is a different thing all together. There is some level of value there. To be fair though, I found this blog from a posting, so I guess it’s not all bad. 🙂

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