iRecruiter – How to Recruit more like Apple

Open position… Job posting… Mass distribution via automation… Rinse, repeat.

What’s that?  You took a flyer on social recruiting and it hasn’t delivered any real results for you?

There are a million things for people to read on the web.  With that in mind, if you want the right people to stop, read and take action on an open position at your company, your goal should be to entertain them with your recruiting pitch – or at least not bore them to death.

Join Fistful of Talent for our August installment of the FOT webinar, “That’s Your Pitch?  How to Raise Your Recruiting Game By Acting Less Like ACME and More Like Apple”, as hosts Kris Dunn and Andrew Curtis (from iCIMS) deliver the following:

1.    The Top 5 Traits of Successful Marketers and Advertisers recruiters should use to raise their promotional game.  We’ll deliver this in true Mac vs. PC style.  What do great marketers do to generate interest?

2.    How to Prevent Your Job Postings from Being Lame.  We’ll show you what to include with live examples ripped from the companies we love.

3.    How Cool Companies are Experimenting with Elements Beyond Text (including video, audio and more) to deliver some pop to traditional recruiting campaigns.

4.    We’ll play a game we like to call, “That’s Your Freaking Pitch?” – where we peel back the cover and take a hard look at traditional messaging that flows through your recruiting function today after the job posting goes out –  including ATS messaging, live call recruiter scripts and more

5.    A Plan to Customize Your Social Distribution Message Across the Big 3 (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). You know the same message doesn’t work across all social channels, we’ll tell you how to do it.

Stop thinking like a recruiter and start thinking like your marketing friends down the hall.  Join us for this webinar (sponsored by iCIMS) and we’ll help you breathe some life back into your candidate outreach.

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