Paul Hebert Day Celebration!

A year ago today, my friends in the HR Community, made up a holiday just for me!  On January 23, 2012 Tim Sackett Day was born! The holiday was created as a tongue in cheek, sorta F you to all of the ‘most influential‘ Top 100, Top 25, etc. lists that were being created.  I was against most of these lists, primarily because I was being left off most of these lists! I was surprised by this gesture!  I was flattered and it was really funny!  January 23rd became my day.

For the 2nd Annual Tim Sackett Day – we (those same HR friends – Laurie Ruettimann, Lance Haun, Kris Dunn, Matt Stollack, Steve Boese, etc.) decided it would be best to keep the spirit of the day (recognizing a Great HR Pro like myself – who is under-appreciated!) and make January 23, 2013 – Paul Hebert Day!

Don’t know Paul – well you should!  He’s a Pros – Pro.

Paul Hebert is a fellow Fistful of Talent Contributor – Badge #03 – Paul is one of the originals at FOT!

From his FOT Bio:

“Paul Hebert is the Vice President of Solution Design at Symbolist.  Paul’s mission is to humanize the business relationships needed to drive greater employee, channel and customer loyalty.  His is dedicated to creating true emotional connections often overlooked in our automated, tech-enabled world.  He is currently working to combine 1,000 posts on influencing behavior at his old site: with his new team at Symbolist:”

What does Paul specialize in?  Incentives and Performance Motivation – and he really knows his stuff!   I’m fortunate to have him in my circle of trust being on the FOT team together and I’ve frequently gone to Paul with incentive questions/issues I have, and he always comes back with some very straightforward, slap me across the face, advice.  In HR many times we know what we should be doing – but we do other stupid stuff instead – because the other stuff is too hard or too uncomfortable – Paul doesn’t let you do that!

What else is there to know about Paul – the dude is a fighter!  He’s fighting Bladder Cancer right now and started a site – – which gives you a little insight to his personality!  Check it out – Paul writes over there about his fight in the same frank matter that he writes about incentive and employee motivation.  It’s refreshing and needed.

Look, I know many of you are probably a little shocked right now.  You had major Tim Sackett Day parties planned and your mind is racing on what is happening.  It’s O.K. – relax – the nice thing about today turning into Paul Hebert Day is Paul and I would both want you to celebrate in a very similar matter.  Sit down with friends and family, select your favorite beverage, light up an expensive cigar and enjoy the conversation – that’s what Paul Hebert Day/Tim Sackett Day is all about!

Have a wonderful holiday!

8 thoughts on “Paul Hebert Day Celebration!

  1. Have worked with Paul for three or four years now, and can attest that he is one of the best of the best in this business. The young pups who think they understand the world of incentives would do well just to read Paul’s posts…all of them!

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