You Never Truly Leave Your Favorite Job

I wasn’t a huge fan of high school.  I didn’t hate it – I just always felt my time was not the four years of high school – or at least I hoped it wasn’t! As you can imagine, being 5’7″, with above average intelligence and a ginger isn’t normally the recipe for high popularity in an American high school environment.  I wasn’t great at any sport, but participated in a few.  I was involved in theater and had fun with that.  I had friends, but none that I call a close friend now.  I know people who won’t ever admit, but you can tell about how they talk about it, that high school was the best years of their life.  It’s sad really – four years – all happening so early.  They haven’t left high school, even though they graduated long ago.

Everyone has their own ‘high school’, that place where for that one moment in time – everything seemed to fit together just right.  Maybe it was college for you, or your first job, or your current job or maybe you are still searching.   If you’re lucky that ‘time’ lasted for a while, for some, it might only last a few weeks or days.   Right now, in your mind, you’re picturing your time (if you’ve had it!).  As I’m writing this, I’m picturing mine.

In June 2001 I started my first ‘real’ HR job with a company in Omaha, NE called Pamida.  Our HR Department had a great group of men and women – people I’m still in contact with today. The one reason that my position at Pamida is ‘my time’ is because of 3 guys I had lunch with almost every day over a two year period.  Luke, Bob and Ray.  The four of us worked within 50 feet of each other and interacted throughout the day, but each day we would go off to some fast food restaurant for lunch and laugh.  Laugh like your sides hurt, like you were going to pass out, laugh.  Every stress we had in life, in our job, etc.  would get made fun of in some way or another.  It was the best therapy session you could ever have.  It made coming to work, fun.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve had other great positions, with other great companies and have made great relationships (heck, I talk about my time at Applebees like we somehow created burgers and beer during my time there).  But if I had to force rank which job I’ve had that just felt the most comfortable – it would be that.  Comfortable is a good word for it.  I’ve had higher level jobs that have paid me more and challenged me more – but none where I was just completely…comfortable.  The best part of having ‘that time’ is it will always be ‘that time’ in my mind.  I know I could never go back.  Lunch with Luke, Bob and Ray would never be like it was.  It as a moment in time, and it was great.

Some people will find this exercise depressing.  Those are the people still stuck in ‘high school’.  I find it refreshing.  I’ve enjoyed certain parts of every single position I’ve ever had.  I’ve made great personal and professional relationships with people in every position.  I’ve been apart of ‘that time’ for other people in other companies, and I cherish those times as well. I like having my time, because it helps me as a leader want ‘that time’ for those I lead.  It’s like a goal.  I want their time, under my guidance, to be ‘that time’! That would be awesome.

What has been your favorite job?

4 thoughts on “You Never Truly Leave Your Favorite Job

  1. As I said on FB this morning, I couldn’t agree with this article more. Those really were the good ole’ days. I’m not sure we got much done, but we sure laughed a lot. When I think of all of my past jobs and positions, that is the time that always comes back at the top. Thank you for doing this Tim. I hope both of you are doing well! Take care. L

  2. The lunches were great, but it was the basketball games in the HR common area that were awesome! I still can’t believe we got away with that! You have to admit, there are no other two names that embody HR like Hackett & Sackett

    • Hackett and Sackett – we should have just went on got our JD’s and started a law firm! The office basketball games were Epic!

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