It’s Tuesday! Have A Great Day, or…

I know a guy who always answers “Outstanding!” when you ask him how he is doing.  I always wondered what it would feel like to have an “Outstanding” day, each and every day.   Just once I wanted to say “Really? Outstanding? Again?  That’s like 34 out of 34 days in row now – do you ever have just a “Great Day”?”   My guess is Mr. Outstanding probably wouldn’t have gotten the sarcasm of my inquiry…

Watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green this weekend with my wife and 9 year old.  This scene sums up how I think most people feel –

Have the day you have!


2 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Have A Great Day, or…

  1. I think the point is that the “outstanding” is for other people and how it makes them feel. Look at the face of someone who you say that too. Changes their day.

  2. Maybe it’s his way of convincing himself that he is having an Outstanding day. I know if my day starts out “iffy”, I can change it around by being positive and thankful for what I have…at least some days. There are those days that no matter what positive affirmations I make are going to stay on the crappy path.

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