3 Keys To Get ALong Better With Your Boss

There was a recent study conducted on how to make your marriage better.  I’m not saying you’re married to your boss, but in many cases you’re spending more awake hours with your boss, and co-workers, than you do with your spouse!  The number one key is of course Communication!  It’s always communication.  Have a crappy relationship with anyone and everyone will tell you — ‘oh, you just need to communicate more!’  Well, you know what?  More, or more effective, communication, might not be the key!  I know guys are happy to hear this!

From Time.com:

“Not surprisingly, those who reported communicating more effectively showed the highest satisfaction with their relationships. But the next two factors — which were also the only other ones with strong links to couple happiness — were knowledge of partner (which included everything from knowing their pizza-topping preferences to their hopes and dreams) and life skills (being able to hold a job, manage money, etc.).

Couples counselors, however, rarely address these two areas, as the focus on strengthening relationships has been on improving communication to reduce destructive behavior and to build support and comfort for each other. “For the last 25 years,” says Tom Bradbury, a veteran couples researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, “the prevailing attitude has been that relationships need to meet our emotional needs.” To be successful, however, he’s also found that relationships need to function in more practical, and perhaps mundane ways as well.”

Ok, so you still have to communicate, but that isn’t the only thing you have to do!
Here are 3 Keys To Getting Along Better With Your Boss:
1. Be a Better Performer!  If you and your boss don’t along it’s probably because she is constantly riding your butt over your low/poor performance.  Get better and things will improve!
2. Find out what’s important to them.  In any relationship a major key to making that relationship positive is it’s a two-way street.  We all expect our bosses to know everything about us, but we rarely work to find out stuff about them.  Your boss isn’t some untouchable God like figure or celebrity. They’re just a normal person with the same normal issues you have.  Those people who make that connection have stronger relationships with their bosses.
3. Reduce Stress In Your Work Environment.  This isn’t you, but some people actually create more stress in their work place for the simple fact that they feel more important if they’re involved in a stressful situation.  Your boss knows who you are.  She doesn’t like you because of it.  If you’re constantly in the middle of crap in your work, you’re part of the problem.  Some of your coworkers are never in the middle of it — your boss likes them better!
Let’s face it, sometimes you’ll have an idiot for a boss and there will be nothing you can do to make that relationship rewarding.  But far more people claim this is the case, than is reality. For most of us, if we want a positive relationship with our boss it can be had with a little work.

3 thoughts on “3 Keys To Get ALong Better With Your Boss

  1. I agree with you. Communication is pretty much everything today. But I think many people forget the non-verbal communication and only focus at the verbal. Non-verbal communication like your body language counts for about 90 % of the “whole” communication. So the things you actually say is not important compared to the way you say it, what you body tells and so on.

    If the communication between you and your boss could use “a lift”, it would probably help if both of you worked with the way you say and perform things. (A course is very rewarding!)

    I agree with the rest in this post! Stress and a bad performance is not rewarding – So improve your own skills and your communication (maybe with an education, a course or anything :-))

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