The Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros: Meet Joel Peterson from Goshow Architects

Let’s face it – Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren’t the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding. Kris Dunn (Kinetix RPO, The HR Capitalist) and Tim Sackett (HRU Technical Resources, think that needs to change.  That’s why they created this series – The Top 20 Branded HR Pros(sponsored by the team at Glassdoor).

KD and Tim searched the globe for HR Pros who used the tools at their disposal (writing, speaking, social and more) to brand themselves in the HR space, but limited the results to actual practitioners in the areas of HR, Recruiting and Talent Management.  No consultants, no vendors. They found out well-branded HR pros who are actual practitioners are hard to find.  

Tim and KD are running the Top 20 they found here on the HR Capitalist and at  No rankings, just inclusion in the list and some notes on why.  There are at least 20 well-branded HR Pros in the world.  These are their stories. 



One of the coolest things about working with Glassdoor on the Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros has been I get to meet and introduce you to some pretty great people.  Today is no exception to that!  Joel Peterson is our next great pro on the Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros!  Joel is the Director of HR for Goshow Architects the largest woman-owned architectural firm in New York City.

Joel is the Social Media Director for the New York State Council of SHRM and Master’s graduate in Acting!  What? Acting? Yeah, that makes him perfect for working in HR!  Here is Joel’s player’s card:

Glassdoor Top 20 - JOEL PETERSON


Joel’s player card is solid across everything!  He’s like a five-tool baseball player, he doesn’t have a weakness when it comes to branding himself as an HR professional. As a writer Joel started a very blog series on SHRM called Life as a HRDEPT1, to help others like him that were running HR as a department of one. Joel was also on the SHRM National blogging team this summer in Las Vegas.

As a speaker Joel is involved with local and state level SHRM meetings, various industry events and his own little video project called #AuthenticLife, check it out:

Joel is what we like to call Twitter famous, Tweeting over 23,000 times!  You can connect with him on Twitter at @Joelyoh. What does he tweet about? All the stuff that makes HR cool, if that’s possible! Plus, he gets involved with a ton of the twitter chats around various HR topics. Like many of our Top 20, Joel has found out how to leverage the power of LinkedIn.  He has close to a thousand followers following his posts on LI, where he cross promotes his SHRM series HRDEPT1.

Joel is one of the bigger users of Instagram in our Top 20 list with over 600 followers and almost 800 posts.  Joel utilizes Instagram to share and promote one of his passions outside of HR, the Special Olympics, where he was on the technology team supporting the World Special Olympics in LA this past summer.

Congratulations Joel on making the Glassdoor’s Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros in the world!  Make sure you connect with Joel, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding him!


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