Recruiters – Have You Figured Out Snapchat? You better…

I’ll be the first to say, I don’t currently use Snapchat.  My sons do. In fact, they use it constantly. So, do their friends. Teens and College students are using Snapchat to communicate with each other in a major way, and you are starting to see major stars and athletes join as well. Unless you have kids from the ages of 12-22, you probably have no idea what Snapchat even is.

Why should you care? Check out this chart:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.17.52 AM


Two years ago the use of Snapchat didn’t even register. In the spring of 2015, it was 13%. What do you think it’s right now? My guess is over 25%, maybe even more!

This isn’t necessarily about recruiting on Snapchat. Although, I know some folks will do this and find a way to be successful in some certain areas. Most of won’t.

Understanding and using Snapchat is about knowing how the talent you want to recruit likes to communicate. It’s about building your brand on a communication channel of your target audience.  You can dismiss it, but your competition probably won’t.

Another interesting thing about the chart is the dramatic shift from teens out of Facebook.  We’ve seen this in the industry for a while. As Mom and Grandma jumped on Facebook, the kids jumped off in a major way!  I suspect, and we’ll eventually see the data to support this, is that when they stop being kids, those kids will come back! Either way, Facebook is still an important tool to understand as well, because we recruit more than young adults!

Check out this tutorial on Snapchat to see what it’s all about:

Also, check out this great piece by SocialTalent on How to Use Snapchat to Recruit.

2 thoughts on “Recruiters – Have You Figured Out Snapchat? You better…

  1. If you want to put time into disposable content that has a time limit and requires heavy targeting, I think JDs are the better place to start than another social network, frankly.

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