@SHRM Talent Management in Orlando – I’m Here, Are you?

I’m speaking twice this week at SHRM Talent Management in Orlando.  SHRM’s TM conference is a combination of Talent Management and quickly becoming SHRM’s Talent Acquisition conference. The agenda content is about 50/50, with some really great Talent Acquisition speakers on the agenda.

I like the SHRM events from a speaker’s point of view because the attendees at SHRM are real-life in the trenches everyday HR and Talent Acquisition Pros. It’s not about being the most innovative, it’s about trying to get unburied and many times just surviving the day and week!  This is real HR and Recruiting.

I have a problem. I’m not sure how to solve it. Do you have some ideas?  A lot of ideas flow from conferences like this, and that’s my style of speaking. I want to give you a few things you can take back and start using immediately.  I’m not here to change your entire world. I’ve been in HR and Recruiting too long, to understand, one conference session isn’t going to change your world. But, I might be able to make a bit better.

My two sessions are – Moneyball Recruiting – The Simple Science Behind Great Hiring on Monday at 3pm. Think a lot of slides with pictures of Brad Pitt and me talking about how you can turn your recruiting into the Oakland A’s draft board. Did you hear me!? Brad Pitt slides!  My second session is Wednesday morning at 9:45am and is titled: See What’s Next. Be What’s Next. The Future of Talent Acquisition.  Less slides with Brad Pitt, but I threw in some slides of my cutest kid!

Shoutout to the SHRM folks for giving me the best time slots I’ve ever gotten at a SHRM conference! I feel like Steve Browne!

Let me know if you are around and we can meet up for a hug and Diet Mt. Dew – I’m on the Twitters @TimSackett or send me an email to timsackett@comcast.net.


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