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I’m headed off to Boston this fall, November 2-4 to Emcee the 1st ever Recruitment Marketing Conference, called Transform! Developed by the great team over at Smashfly, this is not a user conference this is a pilgrimage of the top recruitment marketing minds in the world being brought together in one place! I’m super geeked! I’m nerdy that way!

You can register now for the early bird pricing of $795, plus if you use the super awesome code TIMSACK you can get an extra $50off and a personal, not creepy hug from me until August 31st. After that is jumps up to $1195. So don’t wait, book it now! We can all show-up and make fun of Boston accents and say stupid stuff like, “wicked smart”.

So, besides the not creepy hug by me, what else will you get? Check it:

Mel Robbins keynoting! – CNN commentator, author, and TEDx famous for her “How to stop screwing yourself over!”

Great Practitioner-led content sessions on, developing your RM strategy, increasing your candidate experience, how multiple organizations built their RM from the ground-up, and the hottest trends in RM today that you’ll be killing your competition with tomorrow!

Tom Cheesewright – A futurist keynote on how you can shape your own future outcomes!

– Plus, so much more, the agenda is packed!

Session I’m most looking forward to?

Shaunda Zilich from GE telling us how she and her team at GE built a billion dollar recruitment brand with $0 budget! We all love to think big brands have big dollars for marketing, and they do! But, not for recruitment marketing! GE’s recruitment marketing story is fascinating! 

If you’re in recruitment marketing, responsible for recruitment marketing, or just need to get better at recruitment marketing this is a must-attend conference! 

3 thoughts on “Transform Your Recruitment Marketing

  1. Thanks for the mention Tim! I’m excited!

    Robert – fair comment… and you know… I haven’t been at GE too long but I do know we admit that we haven’t always done things right… we are evolving and learning… and we probably won’t be perfect from here on out either. So… no, don’t trust us if you have been let down. But… give me the chance to show you we are learning… and trying new things. Things are shifting and they are quickly changing. We recently did away with performance reviews….

    So… don’t trust us… but let us try to show you we are taking notes and becoming a different company then we use to be.

  2. Didn’t GE fire the bottom 10% of their employees every year for many years? If yes, did they get rid of the executives who foisted such folly on its workforce? Should we trust GE to use good judgment?

    • So, Bob, are we supposed to judge current leadership on decisions past leadership made over a decade ago?

      From the GE folks I know right now, I’m going to judge them on they’re building right now. Today’s GE isn’t your GE.

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