The Best Feedback I’ve Ever Been Given – HR Tech Edition!

Yo! HR Tech Geeks! I’m at The HR Technology Conference next week Oct. 4-7th and I’m doing a really fun project with the great folks at Halogen. If you don’t know Halogen they’re the HR technology leaders when it comes to performance management and recently did a full integration with Jobvite to offer a full end-to-end talent management suite.

At HR Tech 2016 Halogen, and I, will be collecting the best feedback you have ever been given and what the impact was on you! I share mine in the video below –

I would love to meet you in person at the Halogen booth #2209 on Wednesday, Oct. 5th from 10-10:30am or on Thursday, Oct. 6th during the Lunch Break. We can swap best feedback stories and if you’re up to it I would love to video you and your story and make you internet HR Tech famous! So, come check it out, we’re going to have a lot of fun with it!

FYI – Bonus points if you come to the Halogen Booth #2209 and bring me a Diet Mt. Dew!!! 

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