The American Dream Tax

Hasan Minhaj is an American comedian who just released his new comedy special on Netflix, Homecoming King, and it might be one of the best comedy specials I’ve seen in years! He’s funny, yes. But, he also introduces a new kind of comedy on stage that is very ‘millennial’ in nature in that it’s multi-media. It’s part TEDx, part standup, part one-man show-ish, and it’s all brilliant!

You might remember Hasan from the Daily Show or as the comedian who roasted President Trump at the White House Correspondents dinner:

He introduces a concept in the special he calls the “American Dream Tax” that his father, who was originally from India, basically was his inspiration for.  Hasan’s father believes immigrants to the U.S. need to put up with a certain level of discrimination as a ‘tax’ of living the American Dream.

He makes jokes about this, as any comedian with brown skin would, it’s a great segment if you have a chance to check it out. Hasan’s father’s point is this, we came from a country where we had a super low quality of living. We came to America and have the possibility of a much better life, for that you should be willing to put up with some crap. (I wonder how many immigrants in U.S. feel a little this way?)

We talk constantly about diversity and inclusion in our organizations. Yet, most of us truly have no idea what most immigrants go through and are willing to go through, without ever complaining. We talk about a broken H1B policy and the need for reform, but most of those on an H1B would probably even accept lower wages for the opportunity. Is this right? Of course not, but we tend to forget ourselves how great we all have it in the U.S.

You see, we don’t pay the American Dream Tax because we hold a birth certificate that says we were born here. We got lucky enough to be on American soil when we were born, and for that, we get off ‘tax’ free. Well, many of us. That’s Hasan’s issue, he’s fully American, and yet, his father still believes he should be fine with paying the ‘tax’.

If you get the chance check out Hasan’s Netflix special it’s really incredible and gives you some great insight to your American born – immigrant workers and a little of bias they go through every day, and it’s pretty freaking funny!

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  1. Watched it recently as well… very good! A smart transparent comedy special that is relatable & makes you feel a range of emotions.

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