Just a bit of break from the norm…Raising a special kid

George Springer, the World Series MVP that plays for Houston, has a pretty cool Dad! I tend to like Dad stories. I have a pretty great Dad, and I like to think I’m a half-way decent Dad, but it’s a constant struggle! I think in society we don’t get enough Dad stories, so when this one came up right after the World Series, I wanted to share (the video is 3 minutes):

George Springer, Jr., the baseball players Dad in the video is a pretty great Dad, you can tell! Dad is proud of his son and not because he’s a great baseball player, but because his son is really a whole person.

George Springer, the baseball player, grew up with a stutter and had to overcome that and learn how to turn that ‘disability’ into a uniqueness. As his Dad says in the video “understand this is who you are, this is what makes you special”.

George Springer, the Dad, is an accomplished lawyer in Connecticut, and just a special person as a Dad. I think we all hope, at the end of the day, that we raise our own children like the Springer’s have raised theirs. To be team players. To help others be the best version of themselves. And to accept themselves and their uniqueness for what it truly is, something that makes them special.

Congratulations to George Springer on his accomplishments, and congratulations to his parents for raising a remarkable young man.


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