Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @AltruLabs – Humanize Your Employment Brand

Today on The Weekly Dose I review the employment branding technology Altru Labs. Altru Labs is an employment branding platform that will transform the way you create content, market your company’s employer brand and personalize the candidate experience.


That’s the cool part! Mostly through your own employees, like a brand ambassador program, but different!

It’s kind of like Quora for your own company. Quora basically is a platform where people ask questions, and people who know answers will answer back. Altru Labs, through video, lets candidates ask questions and your employees answer using Altru’s simple mobile video app.

These videos are then embedded into your career site and searchable, so candidates can come onto your career site and discover almost anything they want about you, your jobs, your culture, etc.

On the talent acquisition side of Altru Labs, you have a great dashboard where you can actually funnel certain questions to certain employees who you think will be great at answering. Candidates can also pull all answers for a certain employee to see all of their content.

On the content side, you can share your employee videos on your career site, directly on a job description posting in your ATS, or through direct social promotion of your recruiters and employee ambassadors.

What I like about Altru Labs:

– Mobile-first design so you are using the power of every smartphone each of your employees is carrying with them as a potential employment branding distribution tool through short-range video.

– While it’s designed, originally, for recruiting talent, this is a mobile video sharing platform that can be used across your enterprise in L&D, HR, inter-team communications and knowledge share, etc. The usage is almost unlimited because of the ease of use and ability to search and share content.

– This truly gives you a tool to highlight your best employee advocates in a way candidates will love. Want to know what it’s really like to work at your company, at that location, in that position, for that manager? Yeah, that specific!!!

Very new technology on the market that has the potential to grow very quickly. Some very large brands, with employment marketing and branding teams, are already testing. The pricing model is currently designed for TA, but soon you’ll see this evolve as organizations will see other uses across the enterprise.

If you are looking to really energize your employment brand and/or employee ambassador program this is a must demo!

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