Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Talentegy – it’s Google Analytics for your Talent data!

Today on The Weekly Dose I take a look at the talent experience management (TXM) technology Talentegy. Did you catch the new marketing phrase they created!? TXM? I love it. It’s just like the made-up marketing phrase Candidate Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) that have swept the world!

So, what the heck is Talentegy?

In simple terms, Talentegy is a technology that is constantly tracking and measuring the experience of those candidates, and employees, who are applying to your jobs, working within your talent and HR systems, etc. This is important because we tend to always have little things going on and we want to know about them as soon as possible.

Maybe it’s a broken link in a job description, or some part of your application process or pre-hire assessment is causing candidates to not finish, etc. Talentegy can show you where this is happening and instantly alert your team of what’s going on. It can also show you how to improve the entire experience so you get more people through the process.

The best piece is, like Google Analytics, there isn’t any integration needed and it can work with all of the major ATSs, CRMs, and talent management systems. It’s a pretty simple process of placing some tags in the pages being visited and you instantly start collecting data of what’s going on in your process in real-time (FYI – the dumbest person on your IT team can handle this, or your ATS/CRM provider can walk you through this!).

What I like about Talentegy: 

– The system will record video of the actual problem so you can see exactly what a candidate or an employee is experiencing. This is important because so often the explanation we get is difficult to decipher what is really happening. With Talentegy you get to see exactly what is happening.

– Talentegy built a ‘Slack’ like communication platform with the dashboard so you can instantly communicate both internally and externally with those who need to know. IT, HRIS, your vendors, are all on the same message flow so you can quickly diagnose the issue, decide who’s responsible, and follow up, all on one platform so nothing falls through the cracks.

– Talentegy also gives you the power to survey through popups at any point in your process. Find a friction point? Drop in a survey and find out how candidates or employees would make it better.

– Simplicity. While almost any technology you would use takes weeks, months to get up and running, Talentegy can be done almost immediately, and they’ll get you up and running for free so you can check it out! They do that because they know once you see what it can do, you’ll buy it!

Most of the technology I review is what I would call ‘Big Decision’ technology. It’s not something you’re going to demo and then just go “yeah, let’s do this!” You have to bring in other people, departments, etc. If you’re an HR or Talent Leader, Talentegy is one of those technologies that you demo and just make the immediate decision to start using, without consulting anyone!

Like most data driven technologies there is one thing you really need to make this valuable and that’s data! That means you probably have an organization of 1,000 ee’s or more, or you could be smaller but hiring a ton. Basically, you just need enough data to gain better insights. The cost isn’t really the issue, because I found Talentegy to be very cost effective for what you get.

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