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Today on The Weekly Dose I review the newly rebranded Applicant Tracking System, Oleeo. Oleeo is the former WCN ATS product and they have a long and successful history mostly working with European customers.

Oleeo is a global ATS designed for high volume hiring and has built-in event management which makes it an incredible ATS choice for those organizations that do a ton of campus hiring, or other types of high volume-type hiring events.

Oleeo has some great relationships within the banking and finance industry, and that speaks to how well the software works when it comes to working in industries where it’s critical to do well when competitively hiring on campus. I would foresee health systems and tech companies that do a bunch of hiring on campus would also have a high interest in looking at this ATS. Oleeo also has high-volume retail users as well that are finding success with the system.

Organizations that need to process a lot of potential candidates quickly, now have a system that helps filter the best to the top, and makes it a personal candidate experience. Oleeo delivers really well on all those factors.

What I like about Oleeo:

  • Oleeo is built for hiring events first and foremost. While most ATSs are weak at this, thus most organizations have to have a separate college hiring system, Oleeo delivers a top-notch experience for both candidates and recruiters in planning and executing career fairs.
  • Candidate self-service is a big piece of Oleeo allowing candidates to pre-register for events, schedule their interview time, etc.
  • Oleeo has a built-in CRM tool that allows recruiting teams to build out candidate campaigns by a number of criteria, track key information around these groups, and built automated actions based on the response.
  • Predictive screening technology is also built into Oleeo based on 120 different attributes Oleeo allows you to put an unlimited number of candidates through pre-hire screening, delivering the highest rated candidates immediately to your recruiters to continue on in the workflow.
  • Interview management is also another strength of Oleeo that allows you to customize an interview workflow based on if/then to automate much of the process and again allow candidates to manage some of this process on their own.

Oleeo is basically a new ATS to the U.S. market, but not new when it comes to its ability to know and understand all the complexities of global high-volume hiring, as WCN has been doing this since the mid-90’s outside the U.S.

I like Oleeo brings an enterprise level ATS feel to a marketplace that has been long dominated by an under-powered Taleo, primarily. While the CRM is still light on functionality, and SMS is only push at this time, the Oleeo team has shown it has the experience and knowledge to build out an end-to-end recruitment platform for the global market.

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