Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Jobiak_ai – Are your jobs on Google for Jobs?

Today on The Weekly Dose I’m excited to talk about a great new recruiting technology called Jobiak. Jobiak is a technology that ensures your jobs make it on Google for Jobs. What’s Google for Jobs? Catch Up! I’ve been talking about for this for over a year! 

Google for Jobs is fundamentally changing the way candidates search for jobs. Two decades ago we trained candidates to go to job boards to search for jobs. A decade ago we trained them to go to job aggregators like Indeed and SimplyHired. Now, we are retraining candidates to just stay on the Google for their job search!

Jobiak is a technology built to ensure your jobs show up on Google, and more importantly, show up as high as they can by more closely helping you match the algorithm in how you write your job postings. Jobiak can also, right now today, show you if your jobs are even on Google for Jobs with their Google Job Check widget! Surprise, around 80% of jobs still aren’t showing up!

I randomly did some checking on my own and you would be shocked which brands probably believe their jobs are on Google, but they aren’t! Some ATSs have done a pretty good job with this, some haven’t done a thing! Also, there’s a difference from your job showing up on Google through a job board, and your actual career site job posting up on GFJ! You want your organic Career Site job posting to show up, first and foremost, to drive that traffic directly to your site.

What I like about Jobiak:

– Not only, for a fairly decent cost, will they make sure all of your jobs show up on GFJ, they will also give you insight and tips on how to make your jobs show up higher on the search results. While your job board postings may be showing up on GFJ right now, those same job boards definitely aren’t helping you understand how to write better job postings to take advantage of GFJ’s algorithm.

– Jobiak used an army of developers to build out various algorithms and tested them to ensure when they index your jobs on GFJ your jobs are more likely going to show up higher in the search results than your competitors for candidates searching on requirements that match your postings.

– Jobiak has built-in integrations with many of the most popular ATSs, so you can post jobs directly through Jobiak to GFJ without having to type everything again or do a bunch of cut and pasting. Just click the jobs you want to be index and go.

– A great dashboard that shows your jobs and the actual traffic coming to those jobs on GFJ, plus those that applied etc. I wish my own ATS had this on my ATS dashboard!

Why do I need to care if my jobs are on Google for Jobs?

200 million job searches a month are taking place on Google. Every single one of those searches is first being shown the Google for Jobs search results. Most candidates will eventually only use Google as their primary job search engine. It’s not important for you to make sure your jobs are on GFJ, it’s imperative!

I think you should demo everything I talk about. But truly Jobiak is a technology that you have to demo! GFJ traffic only continues to increase for all organizations who are posting jobs, and for those who don’t have their jobs on GFJ you’re playing the game with one hand tied behind your back. Plus, you can do three jobs for free, so there is absolutely no reason to not test this out!

I’m in the middle of a test right now and will update everyone in about a month on how this working!

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